Windows 11 Reactions: It Runs Android Apps! (Kinda) 

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Windows 11 is official and it is... very glassy.

Joanna Stern's WSJ piece: www.wsj.com/articles/microsof...

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Intro Track: Windows 11 Startup Sound
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24 jun 2021



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Anna Son
Anna Son 31 minut sedan
Love the shadow window background and his T-shirt...incorporating the flips into his logo is absolutely amazing!
Shashank Puttappanavar
I'd definitely like to use WhatsApp natively on the PC. That web version sucks cause it needs a phone to access the data. Yuck!!
Indian Kid
Indian Kid 6 timmar sedan
Windows 11 : with Android apps Bluestacks : I need to pack up! :-(
ItzYallo 8 timmar sedan
Ig im gonna buy a new lap
Rajiv Jadhav
Rajiv Jadhav 8 timmar sedan
Love the fact that android apps now run on desktop since it's easier to edit & then post images/videos on desktop than from mobile. So now posting to IG, Facebook, etc. will be a lot easier. That said, i wonder if apps like TikTok, IG on windows will have all the features of the mobile versions for native posting when turning on the webcam 🤔 I'm jumping with joy at all the possibility now! 🤸🤸🏄🏂
Mark Cooke
Mark Cooke 19 timmar sedan
Teams is what would happen if Zoom and Discord got married. Just wish it wasn't such a memory hog!
Beth K
Beth K 21 timme sedan
I def feel a certain way about the fact that you need to sign into Amazon. As if Amazon, Facebook, and windows don't already sell your activity enough already
V. A
V. A Dag sedan
Mut e ki bo / could you not find an other app than tiktok
S J Dag sedan
there are a few bugs in win11 which i hope they fix
S J Dag sedan
i think he did this vid because win11 has a mac feel to it the theme and apps everything ....since he say hes more of a mac guy lol
Sam Bagheri
Sam Bagheri Dag sedan
microsoft teams is definitely a thing here in sweden. not sure why though, there is always some bugs here and there after using it for almost 3 yrs now, still not bug free
Gamingify 2.0
Gamingify 2.0 Dag sedan
I just have a question: Will the premium apps be free if you have an Amazon Prime Account?
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline Dag sedan
Sorry hate when things get changed, and for the most part the only reason they get changed is so design engineers can keep their jobs. Sorry I was happy with Windows 2000 NT GUI. I could control, and create folders for applications, and data. I would not have a problem if everything was intuitive. Will have to wait and see.
Gamersh Hub
Gamersh Hub 2 dagar sedan
C A 2 dagar sedan
This sounds so janky because when you use a Chromebook Play Store apps suck. So now behold - you get a 3rd party experience of that… Why don’t they just make an OS with smooth performance that doesn’t crap up for no reason.
Noble Paul
Noble Paul 2 dagar sedan
That’s literally a carbon copy of Mac OS 😐 Home Screen, functionality and all.
Gawayne Dunn
Gawayne Dunn 2 dagar sedan
i'm watching this on windows 11
SevenDeMagnus 2 dagar sedan
He-Yes, Windows is now OS X (but Apple's is already on MacOS) :-)
End Qualified Immunity
The Windows 11 backgrounds take me back to PS3
Kaham Rider
Kaham Rider 3 dagar sedan
You are black but cute
MaDQuila 3 dagar sedan
So im able to play Call of Duty Mobile on my PC without using Emulator? cool.
Alex 4 dagar sedan
Been running for a bit now. Not one crash, not one compatibility issue. Speedy, pretty slick and beautiful looking. Games run great as do productivity apps run fine.
Don Omar Ramiro
Don Omar Ramiro 4 dagar sedan
Im currently testing it in a netbook BGH Schoolmate 18SF20PA2 and noticed and dont have that store and neither the link to the Amazon one.... I guess i dont have the complete Windows 11...
Manfred Elsing
Manfred Elsing 4 dagar sedan
i see this on Linux Mint,my daily driver.Only for CUBASE in need win 10;win11...so how its now i dont know!??!Thx for your video;rich as ever!
top music edition zf
top music edition zf 4 dagar sedan
The windows 11 look like a chromebook
Ian Buck
Ian Buck 4 dagar sedan
If these Android apps are being populated from the Amazon App Store, I take it that means that Google's apps won't be available? For example, I use Google Play Books to manage my ebook collection. If I can't install that, then this isn't very useful. Can we sideload apps from an APK?
Khudoyor Rakhmatov
Khudoyor Rakhmatov 4 dagar sedan
If native apps work smoothly, then android emulators like BlueStacks will see their demise soon.
Samuel Romero Rodríguez
Everyone: Android apps? Ok its nice i guess not sure why whould I use an android app on my pc anyways... People who wanted a surface (or any other 2 in 1 device): 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Eunice Rongo
Eunice Rongo 4 dagar sedan
tku - I was apprehensive about windows 11, due to some difficulties I had with old vs new. Furthermore, I do like the idea of moving into windows 11, now that you have told me about the good, the down-side and the side deals with Amazon and Microsoft etc. Subsequently, I do like the idea that it's going to house some android apps (like tik tok) which could be good. Re: Microsoft teams, I am a student at university, we use ZOOM in Australia, New Zealand etc 100% for uni, school, high-school, meetings, chit-chats with families etc, etc - therefore, Microsoft teams in my opinion may have difficulty converting us students at all levels and our families and friends into 'teams'. Tks for your great videos, you really help a beginner like me understand more about computers and their software. tku! :) :)
KingChrisPlayz 4 dagar sedan
Teams is so bad... gaving to use it for school cause covid its si buggy ans multiple different reasons I'll rather use skype over teams
sleep creeps
sleep creeps 4 dagar sedan
Kinda looks like macOS big sur to me
Drek1876 4 dagar sedan
Nothing is ever free, if it is, you're the product.
C A 2 dagar sedan
I’d rather that then have to pay for a bunch of stuff. Because if there was a marketplace for personal data - most people’s would be worth like $20 a year.
Ajith Jubro
Ajith Jubro 4 dagar sedan
Appreciate that windows on the background! Cute but perfect.. 🪟
Bradley 5 dagar sedan
I have a Mac that dual boots with windows on another partition. How do you turn on TPM? It tells me that it's disabled. I guess since it's a Mac it wouldn't have a bias
Sagar Ranga
Sagar Ranga 5 dagar sedan
if this keep happening , bill will end up broke
TechCentral 5 dagar sedan
What issues no one is saying, 1) You are unable to drag files from one app to another through taskbar 2) You are unable to see the files inside of folder in large thumb mode.
69MindOverMatter69 5 dagar sedan
windows 10 was announced by microsoft to be the LAST version of the OS... but... you know...there are SCAMMERS in this world that REALLY NEED YOUR HARD EARNED CASH !!!
Dark Mimzy
Dark Mimzy 5 dagar sedan
ofc its gonna be "good", its UI is so dumbed down that its almost idiot proof. but it also lowers productivity and customization
RAMARUMO T 5 dagar sedan
Enlightened Learner
Enlightened Learner 5 dagar sedan
Microsoft: When you don't dig any cool new idea at all, just copy Mac.
karlo88 5 dagar sedan
Android-kinda-on-Windows. Seems like the inverse of Windows-kinda-on-RT. But, should be way better, since the Android store, unlike the Microsoft store, will have all the apps we want, and it will be a full-blown Windows that can run everything-Windows. As for the experience and value, I am extremely hopeful. I use a Surface Go as my Windows laptop. I would love to be able to use it as an all-out Android device when in tablet mode and as an all-out Windows PC when in laptop mode. And, I hope that anything I do in Office in one mode syncs with the other mode - and I don’t mean syncing a file, I mean also sync my activity. How about on a desktop? I can’t fathom using mobile apps from a keyboard. But, if Android for Windows takes off, I can very will imagine hardcore Windows applications developers creating Android apps that mesh with their Windows desktop software, Android apps used in tablet mode, on a Surface.
Pranay Chaturvedi
Pranay Chaturvedi 5 dagar sedan
Finally Windows becoming what I always wanted, with a right device this will be perfect for me
Richard M
Richard M 6 dagar sedan
I read and watch that windows 11 is just a customised windows 10 skin with the same windows 10 coding
Brijesh B
Brijesh B 6 dagar sedan
is it support flight simulator
Mallikarjuna K V
Mallikarjuna K V 6 dagar sedan
Bro How to download android apps in windows 11 from "Tech Mango"
Auric Torkornoo
Auric Torkornoo 6 dagar sedan
Cool interface. Didn't talk about they maintaining the normal windows command or they'll switch to Linux commands.
Harsh Solanki
Harsh Solanki 6 dagar sedan
I'll love to see android apps running on windows 11. Specially Google apps !! Hoping Microsoft also changes its emojis pack for windows _/\_ 🤞 😃
MJL 6 dagar sedan
3:00 they bought skype to destroy skype 😂😂
Gamer 1101
Gamer 1101 6 dagar sedan
We need windows phones again
Creative Artist 60
Creative Artist 60 6 dagar sedan
Pls clarify more. its been a long time.
Aimilios Milidakis
Aimilios Milidakis 6 dagar sedan
6:40 this never happened to me
Shrey Mohapatra
Shrey Mohapatra 7 dagar sedan
He has a window in the bg
OLD GRANDMAS CUNTS 7 dagar sedan
I tried every version of windows and ended up uninstalling it and replacing it with windows vista ultimate every single time
HOSAINT 7 dagar sedan
Zoom? Discord is da thing
Chuan Tze
Chuan Tze 7 dagar sedan
Nice windows in the background
Bharat Agni
Bharat Agni 7 dagar sedan
Windows 11 is best
1234enzor 7 dagar sedan
Amazon appstore is not in the Microsoft Store, and Amazon own page for they appstore says my unit is not an Android device, nice info you got there buddy
Antphoneigh 7 dagar sedan
Windows 11 is more like Windows 10.5, but you know, marketing.
Black Magician
Black Magician 7 dagar sedan
So in summary. look forward to closer android relations natively, but-...hold onto Bluestacks.
Wisata Malam
Wisata Malam 7 dagar sedan
Ya I upgrade UI in windows 11 🤔 Because Bill Gates forget rate screen in sensitivity 🤔 so I apply refresh rate in windows 11, design inspiration I used Zeus 🤔
Wisata Malam
Wisata Malam 7 dagar sedan
I still used windows 10 tiles 🤔
Wisata Malam
Wisata Malam 7 dagar sedan
Wait 🤔 Windows 8 success in Denim version 🤔 We upgrade apps functions 🤔 we reduced battery activity 🤔
Arms Around You
Arms Around You 8 dagar sedan
Wait how is Windows 10 great lmao
atul k sanjiv
atul k sanjiv 8 dagar sedan
They should have gone with Galaxy store from samsung, given the samsung-windows integration.
Matt T.
Matt T. 8 dagar sedan
Ugh. Its even more bloat now than ever. People should learn how to really use the computer and switch to Linux. When people stop being a circus monkey, and use Linux instead they will see all the apps and games they love will start to show up for Linux as well.
AdamDubiGames 8 dagar sedan
Can't wait to see more ads in my "AI" enchaned windows experience. I hope they do a version without all of that "cool" stuff.
Lazy Bundy
Lazy Bundy 7 dagar sedan
The first thing I am gonna do is disable all the widgets, I swear.
manen wan
manen wan 8 dagar sedan
*Marques Brownie*
cojo trillions
cojo trillions 8 dagar sedan
Awwww I miss WINDOWS XP🤩
Colin Doyle
Colin Doyle 5 dagar sedan
I'm still using it
Nigel Jaime
Nigel Jaime 8 dagar sedan
I was actually thinking about what Marques was saying about MS Teams. They are trying to make it like the FaceTime/iMessage of Windows but it will always feel and be perceived as a “work app” even from just the name. They should have rebranded it to go along with the different direction as Teams was initially build to be a Slack competitor. As someone who uses Teams for work, I can’t see a context where it can be used in a personal situation the way we do with FaceTime/iMessage. I once thought if they could buy WhatsApp and make it natively windows, then it might’ve been considered a worthy FaceTime opponent.
Prof. Dr. Mike Hawk
Prof. Dr. Mike Hawk 8 dagar sedan
Marques why does this surprise you at all? If your phone could run windows 10-11, even that shouldn't surprise a professional like you because it's been done before, ages ago in fact.
AJ M 8 dagar sedan
Windows is coming to iPad via the cloud.Would love to see your take on it.
Cyber 8 dagar sedan
the cycle is not broken win 11 is dogshit
anime kun
anime kun 8 dagar sedan
I really think running android apps on windows is kind of nice but make it soo complicated is gonna be a drag
Kwadwo Amoako-Tuffour
Kwadwo Amoako-Tuffour 9 dagar sedan
And yes....MIcrosoft failed us again. WIndows 11 couldn't solve series x controller Bluetooth connectivity issues. That's a shame
peppa edited
peppa edited 9 dagar sedan
who uses skype lmao
TOUT SUR DZ 9 dagar sedan
*A fucking multi-billion company surely can solve blue screens of death.*
MostlyNoSteam 9 dagar sedan
For people wandering how windows 11 is lemme tell you WINDOWS 7 : "When you win an argument with your wife" WINDOWS 8 : "When u realize there was a major flaw in your argument" WINDOWS 8.1 : "When your wife realizes it" WINDOWS 10 : "is your apology and a lit bit of damage control" WINDOWS 11 : "is gonna be a divorce"
Apigha Nwamae
Apigha Nwamae 9 dagar sedan
Finally no need for android emulators on windows
David McKee
David McKee 9 dagar sedan
If I can download and install a .apk file, then I'm all for it. But if it's locked into the Amazon app store, cringe.
David McKee
David McKee 4 dagar sedan
@Gabriel Juganaru Epic
Gabriel Juganaru
Gabriel Juganaru 6 dagar sedan
You can. It was already confirmed that sideloading an apk is possible
Magister Mortran
Magister Mortran 9 dagar sedan
No, it sucks. I don't want the OS to make choices for me (recommendations). I don't need Teams natively built into the OS. That's just bloatware. And if I want Android apps I buy a smartphone. And instead of Microsoft alone spying on me, now Amazon is allowed to spy on me too. Windows is becoming more and more a mobile OS and less and less a PC OS. I think it's time to switch to a real PC OS, which would probably be Linux. Bye, bye Windows!
Panda Raion
Panda Raion 9 dagar sedan
Can't wait for all the "how to make your windows 11 pc run faster" tutorials
Rajiv Jadhav
Rajiv Jadhav 8 timmar sedan
Lol CCleaner does a pretty good job for windows 10
ovae 9 dagar sedan
I really do not like windows 11 and I hope I'm not the only one. - I hope there will be away to deactivate the window discover-page/widget thing, it will only slow my PC with stuff I do not need. - same goes for Microsoft teams. - I do not care about apps. I never used the Microsoft store and probably never will be. And I do not even want to know what possibilities the collaboration with Amazon will brings, to better spy on the user and sell data to marketing companies. For me it looks like a big privacy risk to not only have to use a Microsoft account but also a Amazon account. I would prefer a less bloated windows with less services and programs that does not slow my PC and leaves room for programs I want to run. I already hated in the past, that they added "features" like Cortana or the weather/news thing in the taskbar. I want to decide on my own what to install and what not. And the OS should be as minimalistic as possible.
Prashant Deshmukh
Prashant Deshmukh 9 dagar sedan
Before XP, (Not counting earlier) Windows 95 - good (kinda), Windows 98 - total disaster, Windows 2000 (in recovery mode from 98 disasters). In my opinion, if look at the relative success across versions XP was the most successful. A bunch of people still want to run it on non-internet computers even though Microsoft pulled the plug on it for a while now.
_ Rage _
_ Rage _ 9 dagar sedan
Even the MKBHD logo on Marques Tee seems somewhat like an updated Windows logo....Jinxed
Dannie Yasui
Dannie Yasui 9 dagar sedan
The juicy astronomy clearly imagine because kettle consequently phone via a robust share. tearful, zany bomb
Archie1008 10 dagar sedan
Nice T-shirt man!
Roy Elias
Roy Elias 10 dagar sedan
the amazon store did not do good for BlackBerry OS 10
Rob 10 dagar sedan
MSN messenger is back!
12 Villages
12 Villages 10 dagar sedan
There hasn't been a good OS since xp Unfortunately
yJr4dF 10 dagar sedan
microsoft is kind of stealing features now and putting them in a proprietary os to sell to people who don't know any better to or just can't move away from windows and its problems, like when they say the windows tiling managers were specific to windows 11 "No one else does that!" many linux distributions have been doing that, basically everything has been done before by many separate linux distros or other groups in that community, free and open source software
Tom Chesser
Tom Chesser 9 dagar sedan
It’s not exactly new to windows either, but can’t really say who did it first. Been able to do tile management using powertoys for years.
Chi Kezie
Chi Kezie 10 dagar sedan
Until I pull it up on my all new Lenovo legion 5. Hope I get the best feeling tbh
Lazy Bundy
Lazy Bundy 7 dagar sedan
You luck boi.
ZOMBEAT 10 dagar sedan
Don't get it windows 10 runs android apps. Nothing new.
Sreejith jithu
Sreejith jithu 10 dagar sedan
Windows main drawback is 5.1 surround and dts comparability in PC. Is that fixed with Windows 11 update?
ItsMxffy 10 dagar sedan
Amazon 2022: Omg we put Microsoft store on fire tablet woah! He's our tablet wow!
Gork Skoal
Gork Skoal 10 dagar sedan
People use Teams and TeamSpeak still? Egad. L2 zoom zo!
Boomer Assasin
Boomer Assasin 10 dagar sedan
I've been running android apps on Windows 10 for some time now via Blue Stacks. The apps run just like they would on my Android. It does this utilizing virtualization to create a virtual smartphone on your Google account. Nothing has been mentioned about Cortana (maybe because it sucks) So I hope that's gone. I think as far as searching and AI nothing beats Google Assistant.... so why not just give up and at least let me side load it? Time will tell.
Ethan Stidley
Ethan Stidley 11 dagar sedan
Teams is Skype on the back end. Just a new GUI and new features.
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 11 dagar sedan
You can be forgiven for not following how Microsoft has acquired, blended, and rebranded products because they seem to relish confusing the hell out of everyone. Teams has some Skype code in it merged with a number of other products, specifically for Voice/Video etc. It's not stated officially anywhere, but Skype is going away. Teams is replacing Skype. It already replaced Skype for Business(which was really just an evolution of Lync Online). In any case, Microsoft is pretty intent on making Teams the nexus of their productivity platform for both consumers and business to take on Slack, Zoom, Google, etc who also blend their consumer/business collab services to push them into the enterprise organically. Did Microsoft get their $8B worth out of Skype? Doubt it although I bet their best finance people don't know the definitive answer to that question. Either way that's a sunk cost now and their branding people are busy thinking up even more confusing product names as we speak.
Skeptical Caveman
Skeptical Caveman 11 dagar sedan
In what universe is windows 10 better than 8.1? Just install classic menu in 8.1 and you're back to the Windows 7/XP GUI. I'm hoping that ReactOS will finally get to beta soon so I can install it on my old 32bit x86 computers to run legacy Windows programs, otherwise I will be forced to use Linux + Wine.
Proper User
Proper User 11 dagar sedan
It will be filled with lots of bloatware probably I have to give Linux a try.
Lazy Bundy
Lazy Bundy 7 dagar sedan
What? Ubuntu and Linux collaborated??
Try Lubuntu or mint
Ayushman gupta
Ayushman gupta 11 dagar sedan
legends are wondering if you can use pubs or not
Virtual Victory VD
Virtual Victory VD 11 dagar sedan
2:25 info customized by ai also windows ai: fake news means good news
Forgot About Beats by Dre?
This'll get ya a high five