Why Did LG Phones Really Die? 

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RIP LG Smartphones 🪦

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6 apr 2021



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Davii Mai
Davii Mai 3 timmar sedan
ThinQ was the stupidest name I ever heard. It sounds and reads like something consumer-repellant. But thanks for the ultra-wide camera, LG.
DR KREIZII THE FIRST 9 timmar sedan
LG really just said: Fuck this!
xbladerunner 2 dagar sedan
Long live the G6! Need to find a new phone now.
John Peter
John Peter 2 dagar sedan
Watching on my LG V20... Being frugal I buy last year's better/best. So it's time to switch to the Note9 and second line the Tab 4 with LTE. Life is Good not having to buy on the cutting edge..
ejm513 2 dagar sedan
I've been a fan since I got a V10 during the summer of 2017 after my google nexus 6 was stolen when I was in Europe (also a great phone). I've used a V10, a V20 and V40 and they were wonderful phones. This may have been a bad idea considering they're closing down their mobile department, but I bought a V60 for the seemingly amazing battery life, the screen and the headphone jack. Honestly the ONLY thing that kept me away after awhile was the storage. I know there's expandable storage and that's great for people who can/want to use it, but I'm not that person. 64 gigs just became to limiting as time went on. If they had larger storage options I would have never switched, but 128gb in the V60 is a comfortable amount and I'm excited to be able to use this phone for hopefully the next couple of year. You'll be missed LG. Thank you for giving me a wonderful experience after getting a phone stolen in foreign country. It's silly but I became really attached to that V10.
James Crook
James Crook 2 dagar sedan
LG's mobile outfit dedicated their entire line of flagships to high levels innovation. This is great for many many people bar a few. Namely, it's great for competitor brands that want to observe what features stick (so they can refine and implement at a lower risk); but not so great for LG themselves who are focusing time, energy and resources into features we don't really want yet (at a higher risk). Ultimately, I respect the plucky innovators. And wish their designers and engineers a long and fruitful career.
Samantha Afrikaner
Samantha Afrikaner 3 dagar sedan
I think they do better with household items.. like fridges,TVs,washing machine etc.. this brand is very popular in 🇿🇦 !
SomeCovertRebel 3 dagar sedan
I rejected LG because I didn't like how they handled the android OS interface.
Abhijeet Pimple
Abhijeet Pimple 3 dagar sedan
I have LG tv
Abhijeet Pimple
Abhijeet Pimple 3 dagar sedan
Abhijeet Pimple
Abhijeet Pimple 3 dagar sedan
iM4CH3T3 Dimachete
iM4CH3T3 Dimachete 4 dagar sedan
LG still kinda is in the smartphone segment with their oled screens 🤷‍♂️
Mr Kx
Mr Kx 4 dagar sedan
Or 3rd camp: "Will my brand new LG phone get updates?!?!"
Ry-7hym 4 dagar sedan
14:20 this is basically what I came for
Ry-7hym 4 dagar sedan
Does that mean that there will be no experimental features in smartphones anymore in upcoming years ? 🤔
Chase'N Goody
Chase'N Goody 5 dagar sedan
I am a pretty big LG Stylo fan. I started with the Stylo 3 and I currently own the Stylo 6. I don't need the premium features of the Samsungs and iphones. I just needed a phone that had a large screen, take decent pictures, and multitask. The stylus was a unique plus. Sad to see this company leave the phone game.
Alex Roblox
Alex Roblox 5 dagar sedan
lifes bad :(
Alex Roblox
Alex Roblox 5 dagar sedan
Em Daily
Em Daily 5 dagar sedan
Aww that is sad!! I feel like LG could have been great if they strike it right. I had one of there phones and it was honestly one of the greatest phones I had. I ended with a Google pixel same feel and reminds of Lg with its simplicity
samtisfying 6 dagar sedan
I have an LG7 plus, and it is awesome but late on updates
Mario H
Mario H 6 dagar sedan
I do agree with the people who said it was do to youtubers. I remember youtubers including yourself would review LG and either downplay it or say there's better alternatives like samsung or it's not better than samsung which even if it was even that's a win. It was also do to LG trying to please iphone/samsung fans while disregarding their own fan base
Caius Nair
Caius Nair 7 dagar sedan
I miss having a music specialist phone option. If only some other company would pick us where of left off 😞
Self Awareness
Self Awareness 7 dagar sedan
Their phones and devices have such poor quality of life. I got one of their newer 2019 phones and the thing is unusable already and is stuck on an infinite boot loop.
Chris Long
Chris Long 4 dagar sedan
Yeah all the LGs I had as well as my wife had were ass. Much happier with our OnePlus devices
Nunya Fockler
Nunya Fockler 7 dagar sedan
too much competition in smartphones they'll stick to making Smart TVs and they'll make a killing I love @LG Life's good baby
Menickc 8 dagar sedan
I wish they kept making phone specifically the LG wing. If they kept working on it and adding more support I think it would've carved out an awesome niche.
Dave Kvazovski
Dave Kvazovski 8 dagar sedan
I was g3. Screen to body ratio was awesome at the time
BMMR 8 dagar sedan
The problem is they make so so many electronic things and nothing properly
Pelo 190e
Pelo 190e 8 dagar sedan
That's what happens when you only ever recommend 2-3 max brands of phones to literally everyone. I hope this is a reason for you to rethink the way you review phones.
Sergio Zamora
Sergio Zamora 8 dagar sedan
I like it. Ontop of the video he said it wasnt water resistant but in reality lg forums specs say its water repellant to down pours rain showers etc. I think its well worth for all its uses.
Amara W
Amara W 8 dagar sedan
Oh snap. Its my first time hearing LG stopped sellin phones. Im watching this on my Lg g8 thinq. And I actually like their V20. Kinda tragic. Time to move on to Samsung or something 🤷🏽‍♀️
Anthony Wake
Anthony Wake 9 dagar sedan
I had 3 different LGs starting with the G2, G4 and G6. The G6 was so slow and buggy I sold it half way through my contract before I threw it out the window. Real shame because they used to be very decent and I used to recommend them
Gerry Brunel Ngueguim Zofou
I used the LG G4. Quite a nice phone ☺️
• ZitiZ •
• ZitiZ • 9 dagar sedan
Nobody's going to make fun phones now
Justin L
Justin L 9 dagar sedan
@ 10:25 Sweats nervously in iPhone 12
Abdurrahman Allahem
Abdurrahman Allahem 9 dagar sedan
I'm wondering if they will sell the LG Wing patent, so in the future, we can get Samsung Wing!
Luke Pace
Luke Pace 9 dagar sedan
LG V60 ThinQ 5G wasn't a joke?
Trenton Spicer
Trenton Spicer 9 dagar sedan
I have a LG rn
Nic Loren
Nic Loren 9 dagar sedan
i remember the en V i loved it !!!!
Alejandro Velazquez
Alejandro Velazquez 10 dagar sedan
Lol when there are s's and ultra's and plus's and max's and se's and note's and more.... Wtf????
Alejandro Velazquez
Alejandro Velazquez 10 dagar sedan
I just bought a brand new lg stylo 7 bout a month ago.... Y?
Daily Orange Pill
Daily Orange Pill 10 dagar sedan
Sadly there are currently no cell phones being produced in the USA.
Lorenz A
Lorenz A 10 dagar sedan
I actually love LG quite a lot. Their screens are legit, and the LGV35 is the best phone I've ever owned (I've owned iPhone, Samsung, Pixel), im in the third camp of "Saddened that LG isn't making phones anymore".
Myat Thi Ha
Myat Thi Ha 11 dagar sedan
LG died a hero, you still live to become a villain :)
katnektaria 11 dagar sedan
You forgot the first phone with 3D photo and video capability with the LG Thrill
Kevin 11 dagar sedan
I was a third camp. I was and to some extent pretty distraught that they are not making more phones. I have loved my Chocolate, G4, G7, and my current V60. I now have to figure out what phones to get in the future because my go to is gone.
Breanna Monte
Breanna Monte 12 dagar sedan
The annoyed command ironically lighten because salt nutritionally nest until a mixed blizzard. finicky, smelly development
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 12 dagar sedan
I.had a LG 10 20.30 then.the 40 they got worse and worse the battery suck and don't last the lg40.disnot last 2 years a 1000 crap
elgooG Account
elgooG Account 14 dagar sedan
My first touchscreen phone was the LG-Vu, I loved that thing.
A. Trottner
A. Trottner 14 dagar sedan
I was a lg guy with the g3/g4/ and I loved the g5 but then they drop the moduls in the lg g6...there was nothing left for me only a mid phone with a mid price...it was so sad...lg g5 was so ez to repair...they just need to stick to something
Matt Parsons
Matt Parsons 14 dagar sedan
Don't forget the Quad DAC on the V20
Corde C.
Corde C. 14 dagar sedan
Still using LG G7. Don't thinQ I will ever regret.
Kasper 14 dagar sedan
LG V20, biyatch
Tyler Largeteau
Tyler Largeteau 15 dagar sedan
LG G-Flex: First phone designed to bend in your pocket
wael wael
wael wael 15 dagar sedan
I agreed with u dude, LG made a lots of bad decisions (like Sega) one of the was marketing other was quality, I used to be a huge fan of LG mobile phones since 2007 they produce great phone shine, Prada (the first attempt to make a real iPhone before Apple) even after that the produce great titles LG G2 LGG3 However after that they had a main problem Quality their phone starts to stop working after only one year (and that happened to me not just in one phone many many times) I don't know if that intentional to make the customer buy another one quickly but if that was the case that would probably be the dumbest decision they ever made!!! because they make the customer turning their backs to them a go to other companies (including me)
Condor KON
Condor KON 15 dagar sedan
I've had so many phones. Many brands. LG was my favorite it of all of them. I literally just learned today they ended the mobile division
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander 16 dagar sedan
Samsung we can beat that we have 4 cameras on a new samsung galaxy s21 ultra
Omelet Pan
Omelet Pan 16 dagar sedan
I bought an LG a few years ago and it was the model with a manufacturing flaw that caused it to basically continuously reboot. I can't imagine how many people like me got screwed over like that and it can be hard to get people to trust them again. I wouldn't have bought another one.
wael wael
wael wael 15 dagar sedan
I used to be a customer until they made their phones damaged without any reason only after one year of buying a mobile phone just like that!!! ( and this happened to me twice) so i went to other competitors and I'm still happy with what I've done
•Doodles• 16 dagar sedan
Life's Good > Life's Bad
Aditya 16 dagar sedan
When someone at LG would have watched this video, A high-level meeting must have been scheduled just after that.
stan warren
stan warren 16 dagar sedan
Verizon destroyed LG in USA
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna 16 dagar sedan
LG was no hero, they made gimmick phones, never updated their software, got bloated android software as everyone and they dropped their gimmick phones as soon they next one came.. i got burned by them once, never went back i was surprising checking their media pages and find 'em filled with angry messages cuz they never updated shit or corrected bugs
l 16 dagar sedan
Tomer Feller
Tomer Feller 16 dagar sedan
It's my last week with my LG G6 before im buying myself a new galaxy phone. All of my smartphones were LG and i always felt a little fan of them, having refused to buy better performing android phones like galaxy or oneplus, because i loved the design and all the cool creative features of LG and i was proud buying innovative phones like the modular G5 (started with the great G3). Actually i used to watch Marques videos 5 6 years ago when i was more interested in the tech world, and today i came by to see galaxy reviews. Anyway, it's nice to see your vids again (gave me nostalgia), and that video was very fitting before i say goodbye for good for such a brave revolutionary and special company like LG and their phones that supported me for 7 years or so :)
Lync Volt
Lync Volt 17 dagar sedan
I had an LG G2 years ago. It was my first smartphone. Software skin was really ugly....but it was also incredibly difficult to mod. Back in the days of CyanogenMod I was able to get it installed. But it wasn't easy to root. Or Flash roms because it turned out if you did take one of their rare updates, it breaks flashing as it only worked with specific radios. So you'd have to flash a new (old) radio and then flash the custom rom. By the end I wanted to throw it off a roof. And honestly left a really bad taste in my mouth with LG. Its a shame but I can't say I'm surprised.
Nayber 17 dagar sedan
I've only ever had lg phones until yesterday. So sad.
yung redi
yung redi 18 dagar sedan
noo i loved my LG G5. i remember taking photos on it at hockey games and designing hockey cards with it for the local team because you could control the shutter speed and ISO, something that’s still not on iPhones.
Theinfamous op
Theinfamous op 18 dagar sedan
Man the lg g2 was a mf beast
boogy 18 dagar sedan
LG Stylo 4, LG V30, LG V40thinq, LG G8thinq, LG Wing 5G... If they came out with another phone and stayed in the phone industry, I'd still buy it. I have had fun with literally every LG phone I've owned. It fit just the right spot for someone who always wanted to find new and exciting features in their phone, for those who want to look at a phone and think, "what else can this piece of hardware in my hand do." I feel bad that LG has taken their leave from the Phone market, but at least they can just continue dominating others, considering how well they do with their OLED technology. LG, you will be missed... Woulda loved to try out your future LG T-800thinq, that probably woulda had a fucking laser, microwave and maybe even tried to take over the world, but oh well! I'll just stick to the Wing. p.s. - to clarify, I mostly mean I'll miss the phones, LG as a company is well known for having horrible customer support... they just honestly couldn't give a shit considering the Wing is still on Android 10 since release with no date on when A 11 will release, so their promise to continue 3 years of support is kinda bs. They honestly kinda dug their own grave in the phone market if anyone should be blamed. Innovators? yeah... Good Guy LG, not a chance? Just another soulless company, like the rest, just trynna make a buck too many.
kurt raffield
kurt raffield 18 dagar sedan
Lest we forget, the Nexus 5, which often gets listed as a fanboy favorite, was an LG.
Dark Tiga
Dark Tiga 19 dagar sedan
Waiting for Sony mobile next
Sockfoot 19 dagar sedan
LG is an absolutely racist company. I discovered this when I was looking through the help section forum of my LG G7 ThinQ and wanted to like a post by someone. LG would not allow this. Why? Because I'm white. The pop-up message reads: NOTE White member cannot make 'likes', do to policies Wrong answer! 💰👎
JC 19 dagar sedan
Been watching your channel for years and I appreciate that you don’t try and force comedy or contrived jokes / unnatural energy. You’re truly yourself each time. I enjoy the content you release bro
J J 19 dagar sedan
they're gonna say the same about sony when sony dies
heldenkatze 19 dagar sedan
Im going to miss you LG, you were always my alternative to big name flagships :((
qtele 19 dagar sedan
should I be rethinking the other things such as appliances?
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman 19 dagar sedan
They could've save their smartphone business by using flagship chipset, improving software and reducing the price.
Devon Wiseman
Devon Wiseman 19 dagar sedan
As someone who has sold phones for almost 10 years now, rip but you will not be missed. LG was the vast minority in what Android stuff we did sell, and easily the most problematic when it came to defects later down the line. I had a G3 I personally owned that got stuck in a bootloop just after a year, the G4 was a nightmare for us due to more bootloops and general issues, and I had a G6 that I won that pretty much died after 8 months. When they make up about 5% of what the store sells, but are pretty much 80% of the repairs sent out, it doesn't look good lol
Keelay 19 dagar sedan
This makes me sad.y favorite smart phones was the G6. I have the Galaxy 10 now and came here looking for the next new LG phone bc the Galaxy just isnt as good as my G6. Man this sucks!
MBJ920 20 dagar sedan
I watched this video on my LG monitor which is the best monitor I've ever seen
Rolf Berge
Rolf Berge 20 dagar sedan
The latest LG phone i used was the V10 and it was crap, maybe the worst i have ever bought.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Damme 20 dagar sedan
*LG:* leaves market....focuses on appliances *HTC:* (crickets) *Blackberry:* its never over, just different owners *Nokia:* we no longer make phone tanks *Sony:* we only like photographers who have $ *Motorola:* we still exist. Don't ask about our products Meanwhile, *Apple:* we brought magnet to our phones. It better now.
Kromiball 4 dagar sedan
Nokia XR20
InaraOfTyria 10 dagar sedan
Motorola just announced a new phone. The Motorola One Ace, I think it's called? Looks decent. Decent price, at least.
Eric Roberts
Eric Roberts 20 dagar sedan
Good way to put it, they did die heroes. I actually winced when I saw the news about LG. Felt like a pet died.
Tj Javier
Tj Javier 20 dagar sedan
Hi Marques! Would you say that HTC has the same concern as LG? No real money maker, and just a bunch of risky and sometimes too safe phones? Not to mention really bad marketing too.
nsx 20 dagar sedan
I have a LG G3...I use it as car camera and I have a V20 which so far my favorite but next year Sprint T-mobile will officially kill it. Forced to upgrade.
Kirk O Ashley
Kirk O Ashley 20 dagar sedan
My first smartphone was an LG too
David van Kampen
David van Kampen 20 dagar sedan
I'm still using the G4. I love it, still works great, feels fantastic to hold, looks beautiful with it bordeaux red lether back and makes pictures that are beter looking than a lot of lower tier smartphones releasing now. Sadly, I'm looking for a new phone as I'm afraid of security risks due to its old android version and pretty terrible battery life (although a powerbank easily fixes that) Probably going for the velvet, want to stick to LG since I love them, but with this news it will sadly likely be my last LG phone :(
Inzee 20 dagar sedan
Stability, reliability, and consistency, as much as I would like to find that in any android smartphone, none has been better than Apple with their phones working for a very long time. Samsung is declining on reliability too and might go down soon. One plus becoming flagship but also creeping up on pricing too so what’s next, phones from China 😅
eobard rush
eobard rush 19 dagar sedan
Stability, reliability, and consistency is something I always found in a Samsung phone and not in Apple so what the hell are you are talking about. Also what do u mean "Whats next, phones from China?" Oneplus is a Chinese manufacturer
Kaamil-Inaam Naicker
Watching this on an LG Velvet 5G
Dima 22 dagar sedan
In 17' i bought G5 for 250usd. Oh god, from one side it was incredible phone, IOS in video, no freezes, but battery, so bad, i changed this prone 2 times daily. And phone was build very bad. Think that g6 was so god, but why they made so weird phones. Only think that they should do- made stable OS and hear what customer want- ALL. RIP
endrizo 22 dagar sedan
sheeple are stupid...they go and buy stupid iphones. they are taken the micro sd card and 3.5 jack off and they applaud happily saying that is progress. so long LG and thank you. why the hate to the g5? i think it was innovative and a great idea. the first dual camera and the b&o audio module was great. i have one and it is great. removable battery..infrared blaster. fm radio.. had all features of its time.
AnA 22 dagar sedan
Im actually watching on a lg phone
Sara.C 22 dagar sedan
Their phones are rubbish
masterpassword2 22 dagar sedan
The phones died because LG screwed up with the G series. With G4 and G5 they tried pointless, dumb gimmicks that made the phones UNPRACTICAL. After that they started skimping on the hardware, shipping both old chips and outdated displays. Meanwhile the V series got really good but maybe they were both too big and expensive for most people. They also didn't really have anything to make them stand out next to a Samsung or Apple.
Harry Carson
Harry Carson 22 dagar sedan
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Eric Beckwith
Eric Beckwith 23 dagar sedan
LG always had the best cameras, but the first software update 6 months in made the ui too clunky to actually use the camera without it lagging. Samsung did a little less innovation, and a little more advertising which was apparently a good move.
Ryan Christofalo
Ryan Christofalo 23 dagar sedan
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Arthur Tennessen
Arthur Tennessen 23 dagar sedan
The turning point was with the G5. I witnessed almost every youtube reviewer negatively presenting this phone with intangibles and false information normally focused on such things as "not premium" which for the LG was always questioning if the phone was metal, and metal was "premium" that year, and suggesting it was really "plastic" only "painted" to look like a metal phone. That was hammered by most reviewers and was completely false. The other nail in the LG G5 was "fit and finish" which ignored the fact that a two piece body metal body that allows one to replace their battery themselves simply and cheaply was not worth the perceived fitment issue and that ability to replace your battery at will without taking it into some shop was gold, but ignored I believe on purpose. So the false information and purposely ignoring the G5's ability to have you replace your own battery while also giving you a premium metal body and amazing screen resolution for the time killed LG at that point and nothing they could do from that point on was ignored, the reviewers simply presented the LG G5 with false information and did it without any correction and did it seemingly following each other's lead without any real effort to substantiate their negative claims, not all, but most presented false narratives about LG's flagship that year. It was a key turning point so after witnessing it that year I am convinced reviewers did kill LG.
Egg Nebulous
Egg Nebulous 23 dagar sedan
I forgot lg existed honestly upset at myself for forgetting ngl, my first phone was an lg and it was a pretty good phone when I had it
SgtMajorPanda 23 dagar sedan
I had just purchased the LG K51 for my mother literally hours before they're announcement. I was miffed.
TheEliteV 23 dagar sedan
Imagine LG and Samsung worked yo gather