Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury! 

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This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS

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11 apr 2021



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Davii Mai
Davii Mai 27 minuter sedan
To me, this kind of software makes the car obsolete on arrival. Hope Google can do something for these traditional car manufactures.
weizenobst müsli
weizenobst müsli Timme sedan
A girl from my school is designing the seats 🙂
weizenobst müsli
weizenobst müsli Timme sedan
How shall we deal with climate change, if cars are so sexy to be in?
Hari __
Hari __ 3 timmar sedan
Everything was just superb until I saw that old Samsung tab 😂😂
Hari __
Hari __ 3 timmar sedan
Never expected this from you Mercedes 😑
Perla Lamie
Perla Lamie 13 timmar sedan
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Cord Cutter Lifestyle and Tech
One day this guy is gonna be a Fortnite character.
Henrique 15 timmar sedan
“I’m increasing the temperature to 69 DEGREES”!
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez 21 timme sedan
That background music is very distracting.
Wen Mag
Wen Mag Dag sedan
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Marshall Derriek
Electric cars are the future if the governments around the planet want it.. if they want other types they will be the future ... regulations and incentives dictate what consumers buy
CAPT: SUN Dag sedan
Dear MKBHD: Luxury does not mean 5 touch screens. What it does mean is: Smooth and Overroll comfortable ride. One small double din infortainment screen is absolutely enough for this millennium's car entertainment.
Marcio Costa
Marcio Costa 2 dagar sedan
Petrol !!! Heheh
canniestcash 28
canniestcash 28 3 dagar sedan
I don't think the future of cars are electric i know the future is electric remember the earth will run out of gas
What Ever
What Ever 3 dagar sedan
This car is bad so bad
Adrian Hochmann
Adrian Hochmann 3 dagar sedan
Can you watch videos or Play games on those screens while charging or in general?
EDK Playz
EDK Playz 5 dagar sedan
The mirror ting is kinda scary like the car is watching all the time
Omar Positive
Omar Positive 6 dagar sedan
i would have the EQS all day
gaming, building and cubing
15:21 uh I'd rather have a tesla model S plaid. But in these two options definitely the electric version
Dévine Aj
Dévine Aj 8 dagar sedan
Why would anyone dislike this video
Marc Lamy
Marc Lamy 9 dagar sedan
Great summary comparison with Tesla. I'll take the combustion s-class for now; in two generations, it'll be the eqs.
David Howarth
David Howarth 9 dagar sedan
Mercedes, please, please, please, do not add a stupid yoke. Electric over gas all day long.
Aleksa Alaica
Aleksa Alaica 10 dagar sedan
That’s German Engineering.
xel el
xel el 10 dagar sedan
12:09 dat interior holy shit 😱😱😱👀 Exterior tacky as hell
TheTyphoon365 10 dagar sedan
Its cool but imagine how insanely dated everything inside will be in 8-10 years. Think of screens or tech in cars from last decade to now. Reality is hitting early, as cool as this is. I can only imagine the maintenance when the gimmicks start to break down (the mirrors and tablet were hilarious). The profiles, the seat commands, etc, they will age extremely poorly and will end up costing the owner even more later down the road. Lots of unnecessary stuff to break and stop working. Love the HUD, the seats themselves, and the screens though. Hope you can share your phone screen easily, and some fold out table space would be ideal for the rear passengers.
Teo 10 dagar sedan
such a stupid review, he didnt even drive the car
Garry Shinde
Garry Shinde 10 dagar sedan
So, nobody has access to it outside of Merc. But I’ve been driving this car for 3 weeks now 😂
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 10 dagar sedan
Should add different exhaust sounds to electric cars just for the engine feel 😁😂
Anthony U
Anthony U 11 dagar sedan
1:48 rip Sinky the Squirrel 🙏
David Bowie
David Bowie 11 dagar sedan
Does he make a living out of these types of vids
Fut King
Fut King 11 dagar sedan
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OLGMC 11 dagar sedan
First rule: No food in the car.
Pav L.
Pav L. 12 dagar sedan
I'd be converting it to run on LPG anyway
gamebuster800 12 dagar sedan
cool, maybe I'll --- oh too expensive
whatby101 13 dagar sedan
Shame about the software. Its difficult for me to want to do anything remotely like self driving while looking at software like that. Even self parking I would be worried it would crash.
Phil Marwood
Phil Marwood 13 dagar sedan
I hope you can choose a different coloured interior trim ?
Daniel 11 dagar sedan
White interior would get so dirty within a year
Roberto Ribeiro
Roberto Ribeiro 14 dagar sedan
I felt very poor
Canitrix 14 dagar sedan
Honestly there to many screens like overwhelming
James Lowe
James Lowe 15 dagar sedan
I’d love the eqs only to be on the other side of climate control
Michael Kohlstrand
Michael Kohlstrand 15 dagar sedan
Electric all the way!!!!
quaylin tanksley
quaylin tanksley 15 dagar sedan
turn on captions ! or at Least the auto generated ones!
J 16 dagar sedan
Could the speech recognition be turned off, I'd be worried about where the recordings is stored and how long it'd be stored for
adonay espinosa montaño
The best part was the joke haha
Don Hollaway
Don Hollaway 17 dagar sedan
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TaeMelod TheGoat
TaeMelod TheGoat 17 dagar sedan
a must cop
Ecpeze 17 dagar sedan
bruh apple car
ShihammeDarc 17 dagar sedan
As a poor person, this feels like sci fi to me
Arush Deep
Arush Deep 17 dagar sedan
When the temperature increased to 69 degrees me, mkbhd, and the whole internet: nice
Van Nguyen
Van Nguyen 17 dagar sedan
I think software is so important for user experience since it literally is what you have to experience everyday, lag and delay and UI that is hard to navigate can be a really be a pain in the ass. The interior design and build quality is just cosmetic there for you to look at. Most of the time you will be looking at the software to get information from as well as interacting with it.
Amit Stein
Amit Stein 17 dagar sedan
Marques has talked before about how when reviewing tech it's important to remember the end user which most of the time won't be an enthusiast looking to spend thousands on a phone. This feels like that to the extreme. I'm kinda disappointed with how many tech reviewers (including Marques) don't even bother to mention the average user when talking about cars. When talking about who will catch up first the luxury cars are possibly the worst measurement of that. Some of the features here will arrive into future affordable cars like easy NFC pairing, while other features like the massage chairs will probably never get to everyone. This car ultimately doesn't matter right now, it's essentially a commercial to other Mercedes cars that don't have any of this. And the future will start being electric when car companies will stop treating electric as a luxury.
finalPattern 18 dagar sedan
This is the ugliest Merc I’ve ever seen. Stunning interior, but the exterior - not a chance in 1 million years of a sun would I buy this
HOLLY COW 18 dagar sedan
Yes Mercedes should make Better Software with great UI !!!!
David Ganimations
David Ganimations 18 dagar sedan
This is beyond science
ctguitarguy85 18 dagar sedan
It's nice that it has a wheel and not a stupid yoke.
Sugar Fish
Sugar Fish 18 dagar sedan
Obviously the electric ver- Ah. That was a rhetorical question.
NOVA 76 19 dagar sedan
Gas version for now
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally 19 dagar sedan
When people can't close their own doors 🙄😂
Ty Devon
Ty Devon 19 dagar sedan
If you have kids that all white interior is a McDonald's red juice death trap
Archit Murali
Archit Murali 20 dagar sedan
Y does this car have paddle shifters?
Mr R
Mr R 20 dagar sedan
Tesla is best....
Max 20 dagar sedan
The UI on the screens is years old, they definitely need upgrading.
Khallil Marshall
Khallil Marshall 21 dag sedan
Sanath R M
Sanath R M 21 dag sedan
When will you review electric hummer
Aaron Dalton
Aaron Dalton 22 dagar sedan
15:07 EQS
Aaron Dalton
Aaron Dalton 22 dagar sedan
14:11 Mercedes Benz
VAAS 97 22 dagar sedan
electric i dont go on long drives or anywhere out of the city much so might as well save gas money
HeyOzzy! 23 dagar sedan
This is really cool. Once they make an electric SUV version with 3 rows that’s the one I’d like to invest in.
yojimbe1980 23 dagar sedan
But the squirrel tho?
Johno 23 dagar sedan
ChicagoMade 24 dagar sedan
I’d take EQS version
Ronan Morgan
Ronan Morgan 24 dagar sedan
Do we really need like 15 screens? Were constantly looking at screens these days, a break would be nice.
DawnDude 24 dagar sedan
Good thing they've put that camo on the car so we can't figure out how it'll look what. 4:25 Oh wait
DawnDude 23 dagar sedan
@T Olol so they just put a random model in the 3d representation there? kinda weird.
T O 23 dagar sedan
thats not the real car. The design is public you can compare them lmao
William Huffman
William Huffman 24 dagar sedan
Would the screen for the passenger Destract the driver?
Tanay Ganguly
Tanay Ganguly 24 dagar sedan
i think Mercedes will get better at software
DJ Mister McFly
DJ Mister McFly 25 dagar sedan
I would go for the eqs because I want to go solar for my home. The f150 lighting and this is like the perfect electric combo with a gas powered hooptie for everyday driving until charging stations becomes more accessible.
kayleigh 25 dagar sedan
The roadkill when he shows the side profile of the car 😭
juan marques
juan marques 25 dagar sedan
knock knock yo google I need awesome software for my cars, wanna collab? easy solution
Aditya Verma
Aditya Verma 25 dagar sedan
Neal P
Neal P 26 dagar sedan
I would have a gas S class but the previous version.
Roger Forsythe
Roger Forsythe 26 dagar sedan
LED lighting. It is one of those things that designers overdo, doesn't look elegant and they go crazy with the colors. Kind of like early web page design.
NAVIE 28 dagar sedan
imagine spilling mom's spaghetti in that car
Dr NoThanks
Dr NoThanks 28 dagar sedan
lmao who would thumbs down this video?
Marques Brownle
Marques Brownle 26 dagar sedan
+ 19046600405
Marques Brownle
Marques Brownle 26 dagar sedan
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The real car was covered with that wrap skin on it but when marc showed the 3D version in the car screen, u can see the whole car from the screen in the car! Hey, I’m high rn lmao 5555🌝
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 25 dagar sedan
No, you see the regular S-class in the screen. Total different car.
Merc Mer
Merc Mer 28 dagar sedan
Дарья Инжеватова
future is here lads!
John P
John P Månad sedan
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Marco Antonio Paterno
Marques Brownle
Marques Brownle 29 dagar sedan
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Emmanuel Mulenga
Emmanuel Mulenga Månad sedan
Wow, this is amazing.
The A-Man42
The A-Man42 Månad sedan
Idk if anyone responded to ur end question (if they did cool im sorry but i cant see it through the pile of other comments) but ill answer it… Eqs, 100%. Much better looking interior, hyperscreen, plenty of space, good performance (even tho the s class does have better performance), much sleeker, quieter, cleaner, longer lasting. My only gripe with both is price - would be great if people could just drop super expensive cars in other people’s driveways tho
Marques Brownle
Marques Brownle 29 dagar sedan
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Kill_Xavier Månad sedan
Gas version🙌🏼☠️
Marques Brownle
Marques Brownle 29 dagar sedan
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Josarsif Månad sedan
Markes: "The car is not revealed yet" Markes *reveals the car at 4:27 *
Jasir Taka
Jasir Taka Månad sedan
That’s the S class not the EQS which he is reviewing.
Jerimiah Henley
Jerimiah Henley Månad sedan
Jesus is coming back soon. Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. Stay blessed Stay Safe. God bless, keep, and guide you all 🙏🏾
Magic2go Månad sedan
I love deutsches Auto.
Proto Gaming
Proto Gaming Månad sedan
Why does it feel like tires is the one thing that’s looks bad in all this cars. There has been zero innovation in car tires.
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Månad sedan
5:43 he says when I look at the left mirror it knows where I am looking , look at his hand its controlling the mirror!!!!!!
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Månad sedan
5 43
Tameem Khan
Tameem Khan Månad sedan
Ese Ukey
Ese Ukey Månad sedan
MKBHD: "Mercedes, tell me a joke" Mercedes: "A joke, lol." 😂
Broderick Cuevas
Broderick Cuevas Månad sedan
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Broderick Cuevas
Broderick Cuevas Månad sedan
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peace mosendame
peace mosendame Månad sedan
Dear Electric Cars!
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