Talking Tech and AI with Google CEO Sundar Pichai! 

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Talking tech and AI on the heels of Google I/O. Also a daily driver phone reveal from Google's CEO. Shoutout to Sundar!

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21 maj 2021



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ssvk gaming
ssvk gaming Timme sedan
Any tamilans here 🔥❤️👇 from India
Spiriteye 2 timmar sedan
Good people here .❤
vijay manoj
vijay manoj 2 timmar sedan
When it is launched in India?
Hari Starc
Hari Starc 22 timmar sedan
He is CEO of Alphabet dude! Parent company of Google.
Divyansh Singhal
I love how Sundar takes questions head on and answers them in a focused manner.
Ketan Doshi
Ketan Doshi Dag sedan
was not that satisfying
Raja 2 dagar sedan
தமிழன் 🔥🔥🔥
Mobasher Rahman
Mobasher Rahman 2 dagar sedan
one awkward interview!
Danish Khan
Danish Khan 2 dagar sedan
How funny! He was being interviewed for his own company where he is CEO and has uploaded on his own company platform. If anything went wrong, he would have simply delete the video..
Trolex Gaming
Trolex Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: When I went to my nearby temple....there was an old woman giving me sweets...she gave me and my father (my father was also with me) some sweets. She was new to that temple, so my father asked her who is she? She said she was Sundar Pichai's aunty. (sorry if my english is bad..im 12 years old and this happened a year ago..this is real)
S.B 2 dagar sedan
RAYHAN TANVIR 3 dagar sedan
Should've asked him about Google’s vision on Hardware side. I mean they're a company holding monopoly in many sectors. But will they ever take an advanced leap in perfecting their hardware synchronised with best software out there. You should've asked him about irregular pattern in pixel project.
Gyanendra Singh Yadav
Gyanendra Singh Yadav 3 dagar sedan
India ka laundaa ❤️
Samyak Jain
Samyak Jain 3 dagar sedan
TheEmperor 3 dagar sedan
Sun-darr and Marcus
Surya Narayanan
Surya Narayanan 3 dagar sedan
Indian 😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤
Jatin Singh
Jatin Singh 23 timmar sedan
@Xsplicit Sash shut up
Xsplicit Sash
Xsplicit Sash 3 dagar sedan
Talkative Warrior
Talkative Warrior 4 dagar sedan
pride of INDIA
Talkative Warrior
Talkative Warrior 4 dagar sedan
Lwandile Mapuza
Lwandile Mapuza 4 dagar sedan
this man is goated, Elon, Bill Gates and now Sundar
Anirudh Kowshik
Anirudh Kowshik 3 dagar sedan
@Adarsh Pawar what?
Adarsh Pawar
Adarsh Pawar 3 dagar sedan
@Anirudh Kowshik wtf
Anirudh Kowshik
Anirudh Kowshik 4 dagar sedan
@Lwandile Mapuza oh ok sorry I thought fitted means you are disrespect him..I thought goated is disrespect word..
Lwandile Mapuza
Lwandile Mapuza 4 dagar sedan
I’m literally saying his a great SVdownr as he has all these great people here
Anirudh Kowshik
Anirudh Kowshik 4 dagar sedan
Stfu don't you dare disrespect him?
German Sanchari
German Sanchari 5 dagar sedan
🇮🇳 All Proud Indians hit a like for our Hero and Motivator for the thousands.
AKHIL JOHNNE 5 dagar sedan
Talking Tricks
syed yadullah
syed yadullah 5 dagar sedan
Marques brownie rocks
Waiting for Elon musk
the mgtow artist
the mgtow artist 5 dagar sedan
tell this guy to stop taking down channels
Royal Blood
Royal Blood 5 dagar sedan
This show regardless of accent if your confident and knowledgeable. You can achieve anything in life. Thus knowledgeable have many friends but rich doesnt
Anshika Gupta
Anshika Gupta 5 dagar sedan
Sundar has BDE writen all over him, such a patient listener , and so composed . I LOVE YOUUUU
ʀᴏʟʟ ɴᴏ 1 abhishek bhuyan
He have no egos. Nice to see him in this platform.
Follow islam 🕌☪️اتبع الإسلام
Many many love for sundar pichai! He is really calm and humble person! Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
earning monster
earning monster 6 dagar sedan
Tamilan endraalae gethu dhaan da😏🔥🔥
L D 6 dagar sedan
he said absolutely nothing
IRFAN 7 dagar sedan
Yeh yeh yeh njan oorkunnu 😁💜
Mohd Fawaz
Mohd Fawaz 7 dagar sedan
When you talk perfect English in indian accent = sir,sundar
Boopathy Kamesh
Boopathy Kamesh 7 dagar sedan
Tamilan da.
Avenger Avenger
Avenger Avenger 7 dagar sedan
Fact:-Almost all who are watching this are indian
Glen joseph Kunnamkodi
Pichai മുത്ത്
Ayush Ranjan
Ayush Ranjan 8 dagar sedan
Great Interview thanks for uploading it
K. Swathi
K. Swathi 8 dagar sedan
Any Tamil or indian people like the COMMENT 👍
Jeremiah John
Jeremiah John 8 dagar sedan
Love from his native..
Fazil Ersath
Fazil Ersath 8 dagar sedan
The man is from our land... ❤️👍
Sharukh Official
Sharukh Official 9 dagar sedan
A Real King
A Real King 9 dagar sedan
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ
Battle galaxy Pro
Battle galaxy Pro 9 dagar sedan
every toxic USA kid: India poor and trash Until all Indian roast them 😎 Love from India
Battle galaxy Pro
Battle galaxy Pro 8 dagar sedan
@Utkarsh Saini 😂
Utkarsh Saini
Utkarsh Saini 8 dagar sedan
USA = poor country Lhs = Rhs Hence proved 😅
Venkatesh 9 dagar sedan
Proud to be tamil people
Venkatesh 7 dagar sedan
@Nitish Kumar no tamil are not like to seperate India, but most of the situation it hurts tamil people
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 7 dagar sedan
@Venkatesh nobody forces y'all to learn hindi. But me as an indian...I'm from delhi and I'm learning Marathi because it's helpful for me. I don't think anything like I'm throwing away my hindi language. We are pure indians. As much as we broke countries like China, Pakistan and muslim countries will start invading us. Mark my words. North indians and BJP don't hate Tamils they are just angry when tamils wants separate nation.
Venkatesh 7 dagar sedan
@Nitish Kumar if tamil people achieve, you just say Indian, but you don't give water to tamil people, you stress us to learn hindi
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 7 dagar sedan
pradeep kumar
pradeep kumar 9 dagar sedan
so humble person , deep knowledge and take responsibility and react with so peacefully given answer............ What a great man. SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING.
Bishop_XL 9 dagar sedan
Tell him I need a job
Srikanth Nanda
Srikanth Nanda 9 dagar sedan
We cannot question how they are invading one's privacy
Hi Marques Brownlee 🤗 I Want To Meet Sundar Pichai Sir Can You Arrange
Mahesh D
Mahesh D 10 dagar sedan
Ultimately, Sunder is the employer of Brownie, since he gets paid from SVdown. :-)
Ernest Draws
Ernest Draws 10 dagar sedan
2025: Talking Tech with Tony Stark
25 26
25 26 10 dagar sedan
You should have askes him why he supports dictators like erdogan by filling up the places at google turkey's office with his supporters
Vikas Verma
Vikas Verma 10 dagar sedan
Sundar didn't show his phone coz he didn't wanna look like a guy who came to his own platform(youtube) to promote his own new phone😂
Dosi 10 dagar sedan
an interview with Dwayne The Rock Johnson?
Techy Guruji
Techy Guruji 10 dagar sedan
South India VS North India 😂
Candice Who
Candice Who 11 dagar sedan
Why do we all support google? They celebrate international womens day but not international mens day.
Neiji N
Neiji N 12 dagar sedan
it's scaring to talk with such person..i can't imagine how smart he's...
Jahidul Islam
Jahidul Islam 12 dagar sedan
It was a nice conversation indeed and pleasant to eye.
mani s
mani s 12 dagar sedan
Am Indian🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 our CEO😁😁😁😁
YOMAX 97 12 dagar sedan
He is your boss
Aya B
Aya B 12 dagar sedan
Both of them exude the same vibe. Calm. Composed. Thoughtful. Likeable.
F*ck Google
F*ck Google 12 dagar sedan
Sundhar is a POS
Jay McFarland
Jay McFarland 13 dagar sedan
He was definitely using a pixel 6 pro, because it most definitely wasn't a 4xl as it appeared to be, and I doubt it was a 5.
jennie 13 dagar sedan
Iam watching and liking this video because of sundar sir 🙏
SG Creation
SG Creation 13 dagar sedan
VijayaPramilan 13 dagar sedan
தமிழன்டா 😎😎😎
subash bose
subash bose 13 dagar sedan
you are great sir
Anjaneyulu Vema
Anjaneyulu Vema 13 dagar sedan
NorZua Nordin
NorZua Nordin 14 dagar sedan
this guy salary 15 thousand 1 day 😱😱😱
Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar 14 dagar sedan
Proud to be an INDIAN. Great
J J 7 dagar sedan
@Saravana Kumar maybe tamilnadu don't want to spoil their people with religion, radiçálísm So it's better to stay away from toxîç north india😂
J J 7 dagar sedan
@Nitish Kumar yay maybe tamil want seperate contry cuz they are fed up with hate from n india😂
J J 7 dagar sedan
@Nitish Kumar dude understand Gujarat people call themselves gujratis Tamils call themselves thamizan Keralites call themselves malayali That doesn't mean we are not indians But mainly south indians hate north india cuz N india hate others looking at religion
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 7 dagar sedan
@J J you think I'm only talking about this comment and video? Search on SVdown and google how Tamils openly say for separate nation
J J 7 dagar sedan
@Nitish Kumar bruh just look at the main comment That guy said "proud to be indian"😂 Tf dude India and we indians have nothing to do with his success
Abu Bakkar
Abu Bakkar 14 dagar sedan
Great to hear that birds sounds at the background
Abu Bakkar
Abu Bakkar 14 dagar sedan
Great to see Tamilan as a CEO
Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar 7 dagar sedan
Professor Faddams
Professor Faddams 15 dagar sedan
I love your content Marques. Keep up the good work.
saravanan S
saravanan S 5 dagar sedan
Asking questions is easy in the world..for all questions doesn't have wright answer...most nos of answer who will clear he is winner...
Dhruva Thakur
Dhruva Thakur 15 dagar sedan
Sunder sir kind of IT love from India , India proud of you
Mr. Aditya Kumar
Mr. Aditya Kumar 15 dagar sedan
Best video I'm from India...
Roy Tsusui
Roy Tsusui 15 dagar sedan
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 15 dagar sedan
Your all going down
Modris Bitenbinders
Modris Bitenbinders 15 dagar sedan
I kinda thought wouldn't it be cool to listen an interview with Steve Wozniak?
shyam r
shyam r 16 dagar sedan
Tamil pasanga 🙋🏻‍♂️ inga like pannunga
Sasi 5 dagar sedan
for what, he don't even talk in Tamil...
Jayesh Meer
Jayesh Meer 17 dagar sedan
મારો દિકરો કમય જયો હો 😁
PREETHI B.S. 30 17 dagar sedan
Sundar pichai looks like the Mummy character in the Chhichhore movie ....
One Line Of Code
One Line Of Code 17 dagar sedan
Sota Mori
Sota Mori 17 dagar sedan
How about asking him about Dragonfly?
Venu Gopal
Venu Gopal 17 dagar sedan
how beautiful it is the way Pitchai describes everything ...it is great of him being quite humble while addressing the questions.....
Kumar Harshit
Kumar Harshit 17 dagar sedan
EPICGAMING YT 18 dagar sedan
Love from madurai only Sundar pechai knows 😅
Don Ram
Don Ram 18 dagar sedan
Sudar bro make new Phone UI 😍
Rohan Ravindra Nanthoor
Ghostly Crusade
Ghostly Crusade 18 dagar sedan
Is anybody else seeing what I'm saying sundar almost looks like the guy from Jurassic Park the smart one
Bharghav Atri
Bharghav Atri 18 dagar sedan
Somnath Duari
Somnath Duari 19 dagar sedan
The style of ceo is on next level... Indians in high level.....
Ravi Choudhary
Ravi Choudhary 19 dagar sedan
I really enjoyed the conversation. Thanks for the upload:)
Hiren Prajapati
Hiren Prajapati 19 dagar sedan
Its ‘Soonder’. That is how you pronounce his name. Its a Hindi word which means beautiful.
MAD MAN'S GAME 19 dagar sedan
I am proud that sundar is a tamilan 😍 and I am also a tamil 😍😍. Proud 😊💪
Abdullah United
Abdullah United 19 dagar sedan
He is watching Apple Watch in front of google ceo 😂
Sujal Kapatel
Sujal Kapatel 20 dagar sedan
Don't forget he is from INDIA
Ritam 215
Ritam 215 20 dagar sedan
Indians are asm 😍 everywhere expect in India 🥱
Sujanedran Pillai
Sujanedran Pillai 20 dagar sedan
When you need an Indian to run an american mega-company
Ball Hall
Ball Hall 20 dagar sedan
The irony tho lookin at indias condition
Navin Shankar
Navin Shankar 20 dagar sedan
Tamizhlargal like panunga❤
James Carbon
James Carbon 20 dagar sedan
I just took a "Sundar" this morning. That Taco bell came out nice. STOP CENSORING COMMENTS SVdown
Deadpool and Korg React