M1 iMac Review: Ultra Thin Design Choice! 

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Apple's M1 iMac is crazy thin. It's a polarizing design, but a great computer!

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Computer provided by Apple for review.


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18 maj 2021



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Daniel Hartz
Daniel Hartz 4 timmar sedan
Cool video Marques! Will there be an ASMR version of this as well? HA. All the unboxing/unpeeling etc. I bet had some interesting noises.
Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay
Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay 5 timmar sedan
I love stevejobs I love Apple 🍎
esteban collazo
esteban collazo 8 timmar sedan
The six roof conventionally scribble because brandy chemically own atop a utter tie. erect, keen leather
Andrej Gobec
Andrej Gobec 10 timmar sedan
I keep coming back to this video for the intro! Peak MKBHD at this point!
Israel Ayeni
Israel Ayeni 15 timmar sedan
Best way to enjoy Marques' videos is by watching them while scrolling through the comments section 😅
Anne Berkowitz
Anne Berkowitz 15 timmar sedan
The chin and the ports are things that would keep me from buying one of these Macs. I would have to use one to see if those would be a hinderance. I will wait for the next generation. Thanks for explaining everything so well!!
Angelo Yanke
Angelo Yanke Dag sedan
Digging the Nelson Swag Leg Desk 🤩
Z Abidin
Z Abidin 2 dagar sedan
The design is very boring. The white Bessel is not for me!
yuan iOS
yuan iOS Timme sedan
its simple just like what apple always try to do
Tina Csomo
Tina Csomo 2 dagar sedan
Wondering why the speakers sounded like crap.....finally peeled off the last piece of plastic. whoopsie!
Hannibal Rasberry
Hannibal Rasberry 3 dagar sedan
If I wanted to install an older version of Max OS, like Mojave, could I do that with this new imac ?
Emily Cortes
Emily Cortes 4 dagar sedan
Do you think it would work for 3d modelling, animation, graphic design, vfx? If not, would you recommend the iMac 27"? or, should I wait until Apple releases a new iMac? Love your videos!
Chris DV
Chris DV 4 dagar sedan
Great review. I suggest you Try using an HP filter to kill the fan noise of the airconditioning though 😉
KASHIF7 KATO 4 dagar sedan
Marques likes it THICC
sbdreamin 4 dagar sedan
I hate the idea of the brick; mine over heats every day on my Mac book pro and I have to have it hanging off my window fan to keep it from burning up. Also this monitor looks too tall for me to use. With that huge chin, there is no way I can sit ergonomically correct in front of this computer. Gonna have to look at something else.
Leroy Carter
Leroy Carter 4 dagar sedan
I literally kept replaying the intro HAHAA
Angelin Wang
Angelin Wang 5 dagar sedan
Are disigne was DRUNK ??????!!!! This is piece of shit
Maikel hanry
Maikel hanry 5 dagar sedan
just wow
Hammer10 5 dagar sedan
Thank you. I find the design is ok. I think the novelty of the colors won’t last. I wished you mentioned what you thought about the chin. Haha
8- Eins Mani Thaksheel Vanama
bad vidoes
A. Nilla-or
A. Nilla-or 6 dagar sedan
Ive left and Jobs passed ... and it seemed like Apple 'd been running out of ideas. so they simply went "let's make them thinner" all these years.
Tejas Mishra
Tejas Mishra 6 dagar sedan
If I remove my pc harddrive and plug a pre installed macOS harddrive will it boot into macOS ?
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee 7 dagar sedan
Me: *This new iMac looks kinda nice Marques: I don't like the design Me: Yea I don't like the design either
Bangkok Homes
Bangkok Homes 8 dagar sedan
I love your reviews
PraShaant Hnk Official
I want to buy iMac for Audio & Video Editing Could you please suggest me which is best one ?? M1 iMac or iMac 27" ??
Matheminnati 8 dagar sedan
I am so sorry I watch your videos in 144p.
Lilja Syysvaara
Lilja Syysvaara 8 dagar sedan
I actually love that they have the chin. Both visually and practically. I often have to kinda rotate the computer to access the usb ports in the back and also need some support when sticking stuff in to those ports(I change the stuff there quite often because I do photography). The chin gives you a safe place to touch the front side of hhe screen without leaving fingerprints to the glass.
Manoj Velmurugan
Manoj Velmurugan 8 dagar sedan
That box is smaller than my Dell monitor box
no 8 dagar sedan
Are u left handed?
BananaCake26 9 dagar sedan
I much prefer the old design. The huge chin without the Apple logo on the new iMac looks really weird.
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
I like the new design
Siddhant Bhoite
Siddhant Bhoite 9 dagar sedan
The chin is annoying
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
Its good for me
Nathan Moyer
Nathan Moyer 9 dagar sedan
I looove white bezels! Black bezels just always show dirt and prints easier and I've never been a fan.
kiraisamess 10 dagar sedan
where can i get that computer desk?
kiraisamess 10 dagar sedan
genuine question: how does minecraft run on it?
Being Nithin
Being Nithin 11 dagar sedan
if you still have can you gift it to me
Artem Trubnikov
Artem Trubnikov 11 dagar sedan
Blue Screen of Death 12:16
Nicole Lea
Nicole Lea 11 dagar sedan
I love the way it looks, I really do!
Suomi 11 dagar sedan
Colors are shit , looks like a computer i would give my son when he turns 15
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
This is the meaning of "racist"
A & J Watson
A & J Watson 11 dagar sedan
I'm 64 and no way am I computer/tech savvy but a treat to myself waiting waiting waiting can't wait! I will be viewing the tutorials for sure in fact will need to. I have a iPad, Iphone 7 old but still alright.
The One Potatoe
The One Potatoe 11 dagar sedan
Hehe boi
The One Potatoe
The One Potatoe 11 dagar sedan
The intro…
The One Potatoe
The One Potatoe 11 dagar sedan
J. Echevarria
J. Echevarria 12 dagar sedan
Would like to see how it performs against the 8-core 27 inch Intel iMac with the 5500xt 8gb. My guess is the 27 inch will still beat it in performance and has the advantage of adding ram. Next year I expect Apple to show no mercy with a 27 inch M1.
Kyaw Hein
Kyaw Hein 12 dagar sedan
I like everything about iMac M1 except that it is fully dependent on the power source. In cases of a power outage, it will automatically shut off. I am worried that frequent power outages might damage the computer. What do you think?
Stephen Zevon
Stephen Zevon 13 dagar sedan
If it didn’t have a chin which you seem so hostile to, it wouldn’t have that colour accent opportunity…it would just be another rectangle. And then all you’d complain about is making the bezel thinner.
Maciej Kurek
Maciej Kurek 13 dagar sedan
In chin subject you don't take one I think the most important reason behind leaving the chin. That tells you, this is a computer not a monitor.
Daniel Chun
Daniel Chun 13 dagar sedan
2:54 I stopped here because you said but.
Daniel Chun
Daniel Chun 13 dagar sedan
0:50 oooouuu, I see you. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
harry andrades
harry andrades 13 dagar sedan
Coolest unboxing video I’ve ever seen, NICE!!!
Bryant Lee
Bryant Lee 14 dagar sedan
The “white bezel” is actually a light gray
SJ Universe
SJ Universe 14 dagar sedan
Love this all-new series with the vibrant colours 🌈 Which can be pairing up with the new Air-Pod Pro Max with same colour tone. Magic Mouse in the same theme is really an extra adding points ! ✨ Performance & Great Screen Resolution is Everything. 👌✨ Hope to get one soon ! as for my very first iMac in Life. 🍀
Let’s Talk Business
Let’s Talk Business 14 dagar sedan
The old design with the apple logo looked much better
TC AUDIOBOOKS 12 dagar sedan
You can get a chin logo from Etsy which is colour matched to the back of the iMac, and it looks awesome!
Baatile Kgosiemang
Baatile Kgosiemang 14 dagar sedan
I love that MKBHD uses the metric system….
Shivraj !
Shivraj ! 15 dagar sedan
That music never gets old!
Inspiration Madness
Inspiration Madness 15 dagar sedan
Incredible review video.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Kenny C
Kenny C 15 dagar sedan
The chin didn’t bother me before, but now it’s all I can think of. Thanks MKBHD.
Amar Sadikovic
Amar Sadikovic 16 dagar sedan
I care a bit about the thinness because my desk is "in the room" and not infant of a withe wall but I get your argument
Chuma Doshi
Chuma Doshi 16 dagar sedan
Beauty By U
Beauty By U 16 dagar sedan
I just received mine and I was really surprised about the beauty of the computer. I always had laptops but this is way better for someone who is not travelling with his computer
Gary M
Gary M 16 dagar sedan
Where did you get your desk, love it
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum 16 dagar sedan
I want that as a monitor of MacBook Air m1 that I want
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis 16 dagar sedan
Hey! Does anyone know if I could use two of these for a dual monitor setup?!
Anwesh Raut
Anwesh Raut 17 dagar sedan
The side view is awesome But GOD, THE FRONT VIEW IS UGLY !!
s e R A E t o n i n
s e R A E t o n i n 17 dagar sedan
I really like iMac’s, they’re very user friendly for family rooms. The chin doesn’t bother me because it’s part of the aesthetic. And the white bezels are nice to help blend in with most interior designs. I get how it can be a hit or miss with some people though. I think it’s a typical Apple move in terms of design and their target market.
Suman GADWAL 17 dagar sedan
3:14 wheeeee 3:09 wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jeremiah Barris
Jeremiah Barris 17 dagar sedan
I like the chin. Without it, it would just be a sheet of glass and that is it. I have way too much stuff that is just a rectangle sheet of glass.
I love ⊞
shianne hall
shianne hall 18 dagar sedan
It's beautiful 😍
Sir Modified intro for Q Dwag Ali? 20syl?
Khyhong Sov
Khyhong Sov 19 dagar sedan
After getting the M1 iMac, the port situation is starting to get way more annoying. I have to use adapters to connect external drives, and port extenders do not work for me.
Khyhong Sov
Khyhong Sov 18 dagar sedan
@Problematic kid TicRyt like most stuff are still using USB A to connect.
Problematic kid TicRyt
@Khyhong Sov well everything uses type C so your problem is irrelevant
Khyhong Sov
Khyhong Sov 18 dagar sedan
Well all the ports on the M1 iMac are USB type c, and most of my gadgets are USB type a. I found a way by using a Samsung type a to type c adapter.
Problematic kid TicRyt
to connect to your mac
Problematic kid TicRyt
what port are you using
Dead man Shagging
Dead man Shagging 19 dagar sedan
The chin sucks!
Problematic kid TicRyt
maybe the will remove it in the future
Dirk Mönnigmann
Dirk Mönnigmann 19 dagar sedan
I love this new Design! 😍
Phil 20 dagar sedan
Thank you for the review. I have an external monitor I want to connect to this new iMac, little confused with the ports so what cable would I need to connect a monitor via HDMI?
4K Walkabout
4K Walkabout 20 dagar sedan
Def my next pc once funds come in. Thanks for the video!
Mia the dreamer
Mia the dreamer 20 dagar sedan
The chin is very important.. Now just Imagine yourself without a chin?
Kyo 21 dag sedan
I just upgraded my mid 2011 imac that my mom stopped using with an ssd and 32 gigs of ram. I use very very heavy programs and it performs pefectly. Spent $300 and saved 1k.
Peyton Watson
Peyton Watson 8 dagar sedan
@TrES-2b I thought You couldn’t change Nothing on apple computers
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
@Peyton Watson what
Peyton Watson
Peyton Watson 19 dagar sedan
Thought You couldn’t change Apple iMacs because it’s hard to get into them and it’ll mess everything up?
Eric Mcshite
Eric Mcshite 21 dag sedan
Doesn’t like the way it looks, mentions white bezel, white walls white white white white. He doesn’t like white.
Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper 23 dagar sedan
Apple have forgotten the power users.
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
27" iMac: i am going to get an M chip later
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
iMac: i have M1, much faster than my previous model
TrES-2b 8 dagar sedan
Mac Pro: Justin Cooper has forgotten me
BritgirlTX 23 dagar sedan
All these people just now discovering iMac ... LOL Bet you can't remember the 'goldfish bowl' design ... the little boxy one. I started out on one of those designing forms! We have come a long way with the Apple lineup. I'd rather get a MacBook Pro. Can't wait to see one up close! Thanks for the review!
Dawn To Dusk
Dawn To Dusk 23 dagar sedan
I need help! Just ordered a blue M1 IMac....I'm just not sure whether I should go for 2 homepod minis as external speakers or if I should go for YU2's in teal? Any advice? Thanks :3
The Common Sense Professor
I just bought the purple edition.
Joey Macks
Joey Macks 23 dagar sedan
I just got my girlfriend the red and pink one, she loves it. I don’t get on it though, I’m not computer savvy. The whole thing came to 1600 dollars with the warranty😱
Akash Sajjan
Akash Sajjan 24 dagar sedan
I would rather buy a mac mini m1 with a decent bezeless display.
Junior Reyes
Junior Reyes 24 dagar sedan
Honestly it looks like a girls computer
You know me...
You know me... 24 dagar sedan
The Mic and Camera are awful. They are not accurate.
꧁Serenity༒ Moon꧂
꧁Serenity༒ Moon꧂ 25 dagar sedan
🤔For desktop I'm an Imac person 100% but when it comes to versatility I choose the surface pro. IPad is more tablet than pc whereas the surface is more pc than tablet. I'm training to be a 🥰computer animator and I've found that heavy software needing lots of graphics works better with my IMac. The Ipad doesn't carry the power I need so the surface is my go to for ''laptop + tablet''.
BritgirlTX 23 dagar sedan
My son just graduated with a BFA in Animation.
babyhammurabi 25 dagar sedan
Most of us still own USB A devices/accessories. USB C was supposed to improve on read/write speeds right? And maybe support for all kinds of devices.. don't think they put a lot of thought to it tho.. USB A is still used by many manufacturers in their products even in 2021
Rexy Swelltown
Rexy Swelltown 25 dagar sedan
Nice choice of desk love that desk
TootlingTurtle 25 dagar sedan
Such a waste of potential with a lack of support for display in
Kenneth Shum
Kenneth Shum 25 dagar sedan
I wonder how much the ‘chin’ was driven by the need for post-it surface area lol such a iconic area for it haha
M 25 dagar sedan
I think it’s too thin imo. It takes away computer power and is unnecessary.
Ese Ukey
Ese Ukey 26 dagar sedan
Just me and you...🎤
Armstrong R
Armstrong R 26 dagar sedan
I feel guilty to walk away when his review video is playing.
Steven James
Steven James 26 dagar sedan
Agree!!! Hope the bigger version can get rid of the chin!!!!
tony cherby
tony cherby 26 dagar sedan
Nice presentation. I think it would be good to note that the external power brick keeps virtually all the heat this thing generates away from the unit. Heat=wear and tear. My 21.5" iMac is a late 2009, and for its age it still works great. I got the new M1 here for the speed, and because sooner or later the old one will buy the farm. But I figure that this one, with the silicone processor, should last forever.
David Alexander
David Alexander 26 dagar sedan
The only lie in this video was "I'm super curious to hear what you think"
Addy E
Addy E 26 dagar sedan
I don't mind the chin
Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher 26 dagar sedan
Great video, thanks for cutting to the core of it all with just enough information!
Nadia Naveed
Nadia Naveed 26 dagar sedan
Wow that,s soooooooooooo beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰👍