iPad Pro M1 Review: The Ultimate Spec Bump! 

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90% 185 000 19 000

The M1 iPad Pro is unreal fast... at all the same stuff. Bring on iOS15!

iPad Pro skins: dbrand.com/ipad

MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com

Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

Intro Track: svdown.info
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

Computer provided by Apple for review.


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19 maj 2021



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Cary Cary
Cary Cary 8 timmar sedan
Great advances, but the specter of ever growing mountains of e-waste is guilt inducing and dragging on my adoption rate. 🤓
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 16 timmar sedan
I’m watching this video on my new iPad Pro 😍
mex reax
mex reax 17 timmar sedan
Lmao android did apps in ram 10 yrs ago smh
ubibi 008
ubibi 008 Dag sedan
Ok guys... when you say that the M1 chip is powerful, what does it mean? That the apps don't crash? That all is fast and fluid? If it's only that, I still happy on my Galaxy J3, because all is super fast,fluid, and apps never, I say NEVER crash. Ok, It's only android 5,a 2K camera, 1,5gb ram and 8GB, but just buy the Galaxy M32: 6 Gb ram, 128gb, a 32 mp camera, a 4k video camera and all this for less than $200. If I'm wrong pls explain what is the power of M1 chip because I've BIG (2 gb) 3d games and the graphics and performance are excellent. Sorry for baaaad English Bip
Ouijy 2 dagar sedan
This is pretty much an oversized phone with PC power
yuan iOS
yuan iOS 3 timmar sedan
TD 2 dagar sedan
Bharat kaushal is soo right
Mrcubix 2 dagar sedan
Me watching this on my amazon fire 7 9th gen 😣😣😣
AnonQueen LOL
AnonQueen LOL 3 dagar sedan
I just got my iPad Pro 2021 yesterday, it’s really fast and the screen is amazing 🤩
iamtimchung 3 dagar sedan
I’m glad I haven’t seen a paperlike sponsor here.
John Smith
John Smith Dag sedan
Just use a Matt screen protector lol
ColdTigerBelly Dag sedan
Those drive me crazy, also I’ve used a paper like and they make the iPad unbearable to use in any normal amount of ambient light and just feel really gross on your fingers.
Erik Sandoval Medina
Erik Sandoval Medina 4 dagar sedan
I got the 2020 ipad pro. I honestly dont feel i need some6hing faster. it does everything super fast. all the specs he said are literally like whatever.
Jimmy Brooks
Jimmy Brooks 4 dagar sedan
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Saurabh Telavane
Saurabh Telavane 5 dagar sedan
Even in their launch event Apple demonstrated center stage in landscape orientation and yet they refuse to put the front camera where it is supposed to be on a tablet.
Yash 5 dagar sedan
Films look awesome on 12.9. Black bars are inky black, speakers are louder.
Raza Bangash
Raza Bangash 6 dagar sedan
Game name at 4:40?
Anwesha Tripathy
Anwesha Tripathy 6 dagar sedan
Apple should pay you to make their ads
Koshy Thomas
Koshy Thomas 6 dagar sedan
13:09 I did. My Sennheiser's and the guy whose voice was panned to the right told me 😁
nicholas kanyagia
nicholas kanyagia 7 dagar sedan
I'm here just to watch and listen to that intro again.
Seramics 8 dagar sedan
I just wanna know if it can play Genshin as well as PC on the go.
yuan iOS
yuan iOS 2 dagar sedan
you can play at max resolution w/ no lag it might overheat if you play for to long tho
Ranjitha C A
Ranjitha C A 7 dagar sedan
btw he is playing in the 8gb ram one
Ranjitha C A
Ranjitha C A 7 dagar sedan
But it cant beat a PC nothing can
Ranjitha C A
Ranjitha C A 7 dagar sedan
Trump Supporter
Trump Supporter 9 dagar sedan
Should i by thi s or a gaming laptop
yuan iOS
yuan iOS 2 dagar sedan
depends the type of game you wanna play
Momori Basket
Momori Basket 9 dagar sedan
I feel like I'm coming out of the dino age ahah... The first ever ipad I messed with had to have been the ones in like 2010 or 12.. and that was the last I remembered of them cause we were poor and that pad was a friends I got to play with. I recently bought my own for to-go drawing and media creation to rep my shop n bruh.. I'm blown away with how much time has passed and how different the ipad pro looks and feels compared to it's beginning, I'm so excited. How can you not like a touch screen with a detachable keyboard and pretty camera!? AAA
Bob Whyte
Bob Whyte 9 dagar sedan
Wait to enjoy the future my man.
Richi Batist
Richi Batist 9 dagar sedan
SVdown must understand. Today's day we don't care about the spect or how the equipment act all that shit OLDDDDDD... we need to know what app you can run for music or video and finally fancy guy tell us what we can work on the tablet or not! All that I read on the spectrum dummy...
Horlakz 9 dagar sedan
I'm still here after a month watching the intro in this video It's crazy 🤯🔥🔥🔥
Alex MacDonald
Alex MacDonald 9 dagar sedan
After spending a considerable amount of money on my bran new 2021 iPad I was more than disappointed with the length of the power cable. Pathetic!
Meijianlu Gangmei
Meijianlu Gangmei 10 dagar sedan
Plis reply bro this iPad M1 pro,12.9inc or 11inch,I have to buy this iPad so plis clear my Doubts and 8gb or 16 gb my doubts pliz clear bro.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Josh Yang
Josh Yang 10 dagar sedan
Before the MacBook gets at least six ports or the iPad gets at least four ports… the “Pro” in the name is just a shame.
Jackson Walker
Jackson Walker 11 dagar sedan
I loved my older generation 12" iPad but bought the 11" last year and there is really no reason to upgrade. I'm looking forward to the 14" Mac Book Pro but still hoping to see Apple take a stand against China and slavery so not sure what I'm going to do yet going forward.
Mrityunjay Singh Victor
Unable to buy... Just watching for satisfaction.. 😶
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 12 dagar sedan
Bro, you made a mistake. The new M1 iPad isn't 35% faster than A12z iPad, A12z iPad is 35% slower than M1 iPad. These are both different statements. Correction to your statement is that the M1iPad is 50% faster than A12z.
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma 12 dagar sedan
@BioLogic I think he did, lemme see
BioLogic 12 dagar sedan
Re watch the video, because he hasn’t made a mistake
Raghu Vamshi
Raghu Vamshi 12 dagar sedan
It’s an excellent choice for a creatives. Many a times I pad becomes limited with its software for others except a spec jump for creatives
Ashwin Sundar
Ashwin Sundar 13 dagar sedan
At 9:42: How is he able to choose from 1440p and 2160p on the SVdown app and I(on my 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”) am unable to choose anything higher than 1080p?
Fiona YL. Lai
Fiona YL. Lai 13 dagar sedan
This is one way to obtain the latecomers into the ecosystem garden, showing how advance this world is. Which allows time for the larger macbooks or macs to be even greater than ever when really Apple would need to prioritise pushing their software to the extreme to make the hardware 'shocking'🙃
KENFL74 13 dagar sedan
Apple sends the iPads and iMacs for free then comes the unbiased review 😁👌🏽
Daniel Chun
Daniel Chun 13 dagar sedan
so basically you're saying that if I buy this M1 version, I'd be set for life. :)
Gureak Sahota
Gureak Sahota 12 dagar sedan
jhawkweapon 14 dagar sedan
I rewatch this video about once a week just to be mesmerized by that intro. 👏👏👏
Anisha Jeannevol
Anisha Jeannevol 14 dagar sedan
Andrew Petley
Andrew Petley 14 dagar sedan
well made thoughtful and with real insight, bravo!
The Levante
The Levante 14 dagar sedan
iPad is never as good as a laptop for productivity. What a bullshit...
ketiux 14 dagar sedan
I just came to watch the intro again!
Whitehammer322 15 dagar sedan
clash of clans doesn’t require this much power.
Brian Eaves
Brian Eaves 15 dagar sedan
Have you tried running Geekbench score in iPad OS Beta vs the iPad OS 14.6
Kiehuva 15 dagar sedan
7:37 reminds me of the linus selfie
Kalpana Rajkumar
Kalpana Rajkumar 15 dagar sedan
You could have said the king of tablets instead of goat
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 15 dagar sedan
If Apple allows MacOS on these iPads, they will win the 2in1 market
Wayne Dwayne
Wayne Dwayne 15 dagar sedan
Would be great with a little curved screen all four side. Or thinner bezels
MobileDecay 15 dagar sedan
You should see cod mobile now! 😲
Rohit Moond
Rohit Moond 15 dagar sedan
john eville freeman
john eville freeman 15 dagar sedan
As Always a great video review👌
Jason Gooden
Jason Gooden 15 dagar sedan
Apple: It has 1600 nits Canada: How much? Apple: 1 dollar... per nit
fireoil 16 dagar sedan
Honestly, there isn't better feeling to take at school full picture of the classroom board then start typing on a app on top of it. The only way i took pictures with my ipads since 2013. Awesome last though, about a Ipad like imacs in a way. Just the screen
iSoul 16 dagar sedan
11:48 My mom always
Viktor Bicskei
Viktor Bicskei 16 dagar sedan
7:40 this face just became the main rival of meme linus
Dank Squidward
Dank Squidward 6 dagar sedan
Yea lmao
Ryex Tech
Ryex Tech 16 dagar sedan
How did you make that amazing intro?
SN BABAY 16 dagar sedan
Don’t buy it for GAME it’s getting hot as hell
Sabir Manaflee
Sabir Manaflee 16 dagar sedan
So powerful 💪🤙
Mike Motii
Mike Motii 17 dagar sedan
Wait until you’re able to run windows arm along side iOS like you can on Mac Pro m1. Goodbye surface
Aravind Kumar
Aravind Kumar 17 dagar sedan
Bro give me plz I pad pro iam poor I love ipad 😔😔
Roi Rabinek
Roi Rabinek 17 dagar sedan
Pay attention to what he says at the end that if he had a better balance on the keyboard and final cut pro he would use entirely the IPad
Sanjith.k 17 dagar sedan
Watching on my new iPad Pro m1!
Sypher :v
Sypher :v 17 dagar sedan
Is the iPad Pro in general good for students??
moonlit 17 dagar sedan
Haha the way he just FaceTimed that dog like “Oh I do this everyday”
Knowledge Reader
Knowledge Reader 17 dagar sedan
i get my ipad pro 12,9 m1 2tb between the middle and the end of this month. i also have a macbook pro 13 m1 2tb. i also will order iphone 13 pro max and apple watch series 7. i also have a pc with 5950x and rtx 3090. after an instagram live video from mkbhd i have ordered a sony alpha 1 wih sel2470gm and sel100400gm. at the moment i am good equiped.
Seiba 17 dagar sedan
Ok. Google apps on iPad...
clara yee
clara yee 17 dagar sedan
this is gonna be great for animation
Al3x_ech0 17 dagar sedan
Bro I’m getting so depressed cause I try to save up for the iPad Pro, but I get distracted with other things
Marcellus Wallace
Marcellus Wallace 18 dagar sedan
I'm watching on my $130 tablet😁
dazza 18 dagar sedan
Marques."More power to ya" is a real Irish expression.😊
Rockastorm gaming
Rockastorm gaming 17 dagar sedan
Not really a lot of people say that
Regivane pereira
Regivane pereira 18 dagar sedan
Manda esse ipad pra mim mano🇧🇷
Jason P
Jason P 19 dagar sedan
Sorry but $1500 for a tablet and keyboard is NONSENSE.
Aryan Kumar
Aryan Kumar 19 dagar sedan
The Powers of hardware Is limited by software.
Wolfgang VonBerke
Wolfgang VonBerke 19 dagar sedan
Just ordered my iPad pro. Can't wait! Thank you for the hands on MKBHD 👍
Martin Marko
Martin Marko 19 dagar sedan
It’s a great tablet I bought the 11” version, but I wish they included a CD-ROM drive. It’s a bit pointless without it for professionals.
Lurkman 08
Lurkman 08 19 dagar sedan
This IPad got better specs than my pc
kakarotto yt
kakarotto yt 17 dagar sedan
Well duh
Cabbie Cabbie
Cabbie Cabbie 19 dagar sedan
'05:42' 🤣 Your choice but only *𝙈𝙤𝙙𝙉𝙖𝙣𝙖'* ^^ 💎
Lion Fisile™
Lion Fisile™ 19 dagar sedan
Why the hate about taking photos with iPad? I enjoy doing it! 💁‍♂️
Andrew Le
Andrew Le 20 dagar sedan
For a second I thought the intro was made by Apple, because it’s that good.
Falling For Gomez
Falling For Gomez 20 dagar sedan
would appreciate if u put some background music with ur commentary :)
Sinaj Abdul Salam
Sinaj Abdul Salam 20 dagar sedan
It’s high time to bring FC to iPad Pro at least .. and that will be the time most macs gonna sit aside 😅
NotyouAgain! !
NotyouAgain! ! 21 dag sedan
So basically you can low latency pro recording thrru this now like vocals if u get some dongles lol
ashen kuppan
ashen kuppan 21 dag sedan
for Architectural use. is the M1 Ipad pro the way to go? or do i settle for the IPad air?
Bob Whyte
Bob Whyte 21 dag sedan
Great review
Aakash Singh
Aakash Singh 22 dagar sedan
Still an ipad
Vinayak Panigrahy
Vinayak Panigrahy 22 dagar sedan
Please i want this iPad somebody gift me🥲😅
The Chetson Firm
The Chetson Firm 22 dagar sedan
Major problem is that it doesn't fully sync files.
Mohamad Nazarudin
Mohamad Nazarudin 22 dagar sedan
If the ipad pro could run xcode i would definitely ditch my macbook
bil ly
bil ly 22 dagar sedan
What if, no more A15 ?! Next iphone using M1 chip too. Hmm..
Jay 22 dagar sedan
You need math lessons. 723K to 1.084M is a 49.93% bump not 30%
RG Rumambi
RG Rumambi 22 dagar sedan
Why does he stutter (kinda)?
cbvolsfan 22 dagar sedan
Going from 1st gen ipad pro to 5th gen…..can’t wait!!!!!
Nick Ellis
Nick Ellis 22 dagar sedan
Sucks that the iPad Pro won’t run a virtual machine 😔
Jakob 23 dagar sedan
Basic danish due diligence.. the Ipad Pro is a mixed bag versus 2020. a brief paste from my text on Notebookcheckreview. Mixed bag.vs Ipad Pro 2020. # massive performance benefit +25% (though 2020 were already unreal for an IpadOS, it ain't really lack of computing power that is hampering Ipads Pro-line when we still rolling an IpadOS that needs to be fluent over so many models and revisions) # 2021 Ipad 12.9 got way better black, no contest, but this layered MiniLED panel with LCD.. is not even close to fx OLED on so many aspects of pixel fidelity. # Brightness seems about the same, though a tad lower nits and worse color reproduction versus Ipad Pro 2020 that are delivering better color and a tad higher brightness. # Worse PWM for PWM sensitive people, it's now down around 19k where 2020 were + 3x times faster and up around 59k (pulse-width-modulation rate' Hz).. that lower flicker rate can be a con for people that get a headache of that flickering that is less intrusive the faster it is. # Worse black to white pixel rise times on 2021 Ipad Pro M1, now around 35ms in pixel-rise time where 2020 were around 8ms in rise-time so 2021 is a lot slower.. (slow pixel response rates' not ideal for fast-paced gaming) # Grey to grey pixel response-time is around the same versus 2020. # Ipad Pro 2021 is a tad cooler under load where 2021 is at 35 degrees versus 37 degrees on 2020. under heavy load. (impressive with that M1 compute benefit in mind) # The standby time is concerning - Ipad Pro 2021 at 0.44 watt where 2020 were at 0.11watt and off-time seems very weird with the 2021 Ipad Pro M1 having a massive 0.9watt drain versus the 2020 Ipad Pro at more normal 0.01watt (nothing worse than a tablet that is draining when not being used) # The light-use scenario is also not ideal with M1 Ipad Pro 2021 with only 11 hours runtime versus 2020 Ipad Pro with 15 hours (big difference). # Under heavy load the 2021 runtime is better, and that is very impressive when you have in mind that 2021 is significantly more powerful +25% and still being less warm and getting longer runtimes but its mainly in taxing and heavy load.. with light use scenario the 2020 Ipad Pro is way better. 15 hours vs 11 hours. # The Iperf wireless test' also a mixed bag, versus 2020 Ipad Pro. where 2020 is faster in some and 2021 vice versa. # and it is also a con that it's now thicker and heavier with 6.4mm and 682g while the older 2020 was only 5.9mm and 641g (weight and thickness does matter particularly on the 12.9" and the overall comforts of use) so yeah - it's a mixed bag at least from a neutral perspective. (evidence for above, you can find on Notebookcheck-review).
helenHTID 23 dagar sedan
Fun fact (Fun?, Maybe just a fact) Apple's chief designer was a British man Sir Jonathan Ive up until 2019, He joined Apple in 1992. Designed in California, By the British! lol
Old Scribe
Old Scribe 23 dagar sedan
Super evaluation and very helpful. I had this on my Checkout, just waiting for the month end to tick by. Thanks. This removes my guyer doubts.
Jazib Ali
Jazib Ali 23 dagar sedan
Please do an iPad only again
Shazzad Hossain
Shazzad Hossain 24 dagar sedan
Anyone has the link of the wallpaper?
LAL 24 dagar sedan
Review easy - overpriced Apple money grab as usual🙄!
Blossom covers
Blossom covers 24 dagar sedan
Will u give me that 🔥
Roderik Verbeek
Roderik Verbeek 24 dagar sedan
Hi Marques! Great video! I’ve been watching ever since you recommended the first Oneplus One! Thanks for al your advice in my tech journey 😁 Right now I just switched back to Apple and have the IPhone mini and I’m getting an IPad for personal use, mainly SVdown, e-mails, MS office and some games. I was thinking to get the base IPad, because that would cover my current needs, but it seems the M1 would have a longer lifespan due to the broader use in devices. If the cost per year is similar, wouldn’t it make sense to use the better screen and processor? I’m curious for your opinion and would be happy if you can take the time to respond. Thanks in advance! Greetings from the Netherlands
Shaurya Chopra
Shaurya Chopra 25 dagar sedan
4:41 bruh can someone tell me the name of this game