How Do YouTubers Make Money? (And Other Questions We Have to Answer) 

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Answering the top 10 questions SVdownrs get

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16 jul 2021



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CHEFPK 7 dagar sedan
Going to put this video link on a NFC card to share when asked the magic question.
Fear Dag sedan
@F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ I’m depressed
Fear Dag sedan
Galactic brain
cops and govern ment are gangstalkers
how do you know the earth is а globe? that is revolving around the sun? have you been to space to look аt earth and verify what it reаlly is? have you proven thе shapе of the earth and heliocentriс thеory anyhow yourself? have you seen, felt, did it somehow anywhere anyhow manifested for you that the earth moves or spins?
jurchiks101 2 dagar sedan
@Chris Gonzalez of course not, NFT is data, not a physical thing.
FreeSeoul 2 dagar sedan
If they don't know what SVdownr means, they won't know how to scan your shitty NFC card....
Nico 13 minuter sedan
MKBHD OF - Well i´m interested.... i think? Especially into Mustached Marques...
john evans
john evans 16 minuter sedan
I would be interested to know if you have to deal with much racism on line. I ask not solely because of the obvious societal reasons but that you operate in a predominantly white sector of utube? And for the same reason is there negative pressure from the black community?
Alex NutCasio
Alex NutCasio Timme sedan
@Marques Brownlee Q: How do youtubers feel about ad blockers, which are becoming much more popular. Q: What happens if we click OUT of an ad before its fully played? Do they stll get paid off that ad?? Q: If we skip through an in video ad that you negotiated, do you still get paid for that??
MrDave294 Timme sedan
“What do you do for work?” 🤣. I have the same dilemma when answering that question. I do about 5 different things, and that question always feels like “where should I place you on the social hierarchy?”.
Noob gaming
Noob gaming Timme sedan
i was sure it was ad revenue
ahfimiwonawun Timme sedan
How’d my 1970’s porno stash that I hide under my bed end up on Marques’ face?
TheRockyCrow 3 timmar sedan
You look great with moustache :D
Jason Kenny
Jason Kenny 4 timmar sedan
Pretty sure the No1 question people want to ask is how much money do you make…how rich are you. I’m sure some rude people do…strange really as you don’t ask your lawyer or dentist. Maybe because we have a rough idea…
Nassim 5 timmar sedan
Most SVdownrs call themselves : content creators 🤞🏻
Walter Curtis
Walter Curtis 5 timmar sedan
How do you start being a youtuber and getting paid
Obinna Young
Obinna Young 5 timmar sedan
Man the cab driver ask alot of questions
Kelvin Watse
Kelvin Watse 5 timmar sedan
Where is the mostach going
ThatZidaneGuy 5 timmar sedan
Thank you for this video Marques. This is motivation at its finest! I hope to stand beside you and UAC someday.
Ian Walker
Ian Walker 5 timmar sedan
A lot of folks looking for inspo, look to me, especially in the beginning. Some of whom, I'm sure, are very familiar to you :) Sadly, not ONE of them get back to me, to say thanks for the help, or bugger me rotten, actually pay me a little sumthin' for the karmic harmony. I have inspired a rather large chunk of the modern world this way. And the universal karmic disharmony is painfully obvious. And about what makes a job - put it this way: if it pays the bills, treats the ills, warms the chills, provides the swills, and enables the thrills - It's a job...
Icdsraipur Raipur
Icdsraipur Raipur 5 timmar sedan
Question is why you put this now A situation .... You like someone ...got matched ...went to his house and meet her parents ..they asked about your job ..you say ..but can not nullify their eye flinching/ mose squizzing ...you explain but still they are suspecious ... To explain better you made this one ....
الفاتح جامع
الفاتح جامع 6 timmar sedan
Skitch 😂
Rowen Chumacera
Rowen Chumacera 6 timmar sedan
Seatbelt please..
Kirk Comrie
Kirk Comrie 7 timmar sedan
Newsradio. Guaranteed to shutdown the inquiry everytime. :) Also, the moustache progression - on point. Keep On Keepin' On sir! :)
James Lewis
James Lewis 7 timmar sedan
So sad to see untelented underserving people getting rich. Waste of humanity resources.
Zii Mpondo
Zii Mpondo 8 timmar sedan
You hear that folks? STOP ASKING HIM FOR STUFF
Syed Jaffer Hussain
Syed Jaffer Hussain 8 timmar sedan
Please answer in back seat next time
The Video Nerd
The Video Nerd 9 timmar sedan
"Marques venting for 14 minutes" Loved every second of it
Surya Suresh
Surya Suresh 9 timmar sedan
U know this video was very helpful for me thank you
Waki Vlogs
Waki Vlogs 9 timmar sedan
Return of Mario Bros in tech
GwineG 9 timmar sedan
Marques seriously posed as a Uber/cab man, nice acting bro! Of course we have to be proud of what we do!
Thunder Rhodes
Thunder Rhodes 9 timmar sedan
I love that he says “we” talking about the channel. It’s his name on it, HE is the big draw, but as is typical for a really good team player he acknowledges the whole 👏
Kanan Adilzada
Kanan Adilzada 10 timmar sedan
8:57 lol
Daniel Stoinov
Daniel Stoinov 11 timmar sedan
@Marques Brownlee Do you get money from the youtube premium users (users that doesn't get ads)?
Toni N.
Toni N. 12 timmar sedan
10:00 Actually Finland is (at least at the moment) the first to have an Influencers Academy starting from next year.
Udit Sharma
Udit Sharma 12 timmar sedan
Damn it was shit , still most questions unanswered. 😭
U Jagan
U Jagan 12 timmar sedan
The left front seat is brighter than white.
lopezfam 12 timmar sedan
God bless you and God bless anyone reading this! Hope you have an awesome day! Seek him while you can! Jesus is the way and the only way and he is returning soon! Whenever you think you aren't loved... Remember the ultimate sacrifice was for love! ENDING YOUR LIFE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV The wages of sin is death (hell) but Jesus paid our wages on the cross, for our salvation! We must turn to God and away from our sinful ways, Confess Jesus is Lord and believe with our hearts that he was risen from the dead by God, and we must be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit and live by His word and Commandments! Trust that God will help with the rest! Seek God today before it's too late! Today could be your last day on earth! Have a blessed day! -----
Cruzn2Space 13 timmar sedan
Still didn't answer anything
Shiam pranav
Shiam pranav 13 timmar sedan
Not only first 10 seconds . You Nailed it for first 30 seconds
Clickity Dat
Clickity Dat 13 timmar sedan
Yo did he just promote the NBA Finals????
Johanna Denny
Johanna Denny 13 timmar sedan
I need to close my Patreon account, because SVdown has a similar platform now.
Santhosh Kumar D P
Santhosh Kumar D P 13 timmar sedan
keep going bro. every video is setting new benchmark fr standards for a tech review. you are an inspiration to what one can achieve if you believe and dedicate on doing things what you love.. there is no need to do defined job without liking them! as many do!!
Santhosh Kumar D P
Santhosh Kumar D P 14 timmar sedan
"If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.." - Marc Anthony
Holy Spirit Dove
Holy Spirit Dove 4 minuter sedan
Sounds so meaningful 💫
ek tha dewana
ek tha dewana 14 timmar sedan
Don't you get money after clicking join button.
Christopher Cane
Christopher Cane 15 timmar sedan
I have one more question Marques - how many rooms full of tech gear do you have at your house? How many phones do you own?
cmuchemi 15 timmar sedan
Marques, you didn't talk about per view payment. Would be interesting to know rates and conditions.
Michael Petty
Michael Petty 15 timmar sedan
Best review Ive seen so far.
TheHGCrazy 16 timmar sedan
who the hell is the guy with the horrible mustache?
jackson1212100 16 timmar sedan
You forgot to mention how you make money with subscribers. I know that is half of the income.
SodaGumX 16 timmar sedan
all youtubers are rich because they make too much money
Bao Abraham
Bao Abraham 16 timmar sedan
As always Marquez your content is quality. I appreciate the time and effort you put into making videos. It's informative, inspiring and honestly just really good content I really enjoy your stuff man good job.
JayDigital Gaming
JayDigital Gaming 17 timmar sedan
did he just plug clorox
JayDigital Gaming
JayDigital Gaming 17 timmar sedan
0.40 second in the vid who is driving the car...
Marc Spunt
Marc Spunt 17 timmar sedan
As a SVdown watcher in so many videos the SVdown the person says here click on this video up in the corner..... I never have that video there, you guys do know we can turn that off right? Just my two cents... Love all your vids!!!
Robyn Hall
Robyn Hall 18 timmar sedan
The roomy penalty syntactically water because processing nomenclaturally shiver versus a fine name. spotted, utopian friend
Radley is Wrong
Radley is Wrong 18 timmar sedan
You ARE interesting, but not as much as Andrew and his pixel that’s in shambles
elkington andrews
elkington andrews 18 timmar sedan
This is what I have to say:👌
Ron McVicar
Ron McVicar 19 timmar sedan
They should pay you for plays on SVdown premium. They’re making money off of your content.
charles. 19 timmar sedan
They buss it wide open for Susan, of course. How else would they generate revenue? Durr
im licorice
im licorice 20 timmar sedan
Hi I'm 13 I live in Washington in a not good town I have a Motorola e6 and my family doesn't have enough money to buy a better phone so I would like to ask if you could possibly send me a better phone if not then that's fine. Ps your thoughts best tech channel ever.
im licorice
im licorice 20 timmar sedan
The not thought
Nolan M
Nolan M 20 timmar sedan
Are you playing for pony this year
Jose Davila
Jose Davila 21 timme sedan
Audio sounds strange what's up?
Prince 22 timmar sedan
Man....thanks for posting this video.
Peter Strouhal
Peter Strouhal 22 timmar sedan
Question that you didn't cover but probably don't really get asked a whole lot: Do you still get paid with Google ads when someone has an ad blocker?
ZR07 22 timmar sedan
There is a huge addition in my knowledge after seeing this video, thank you for sharing your experience. normally not every one share it.🙂
UnMentioned Tech Reviews
UnMentioned Tech Reviews 23 timmar sedan
Marques is a kind person just look 13:25.
Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme 23 timmar sedan
As per usual. Very thoughtful & full of insight
P L 23 timmar sedan
The "moment" is when the embargo lifts or that NDA is expired. The embargo itself is when no information or specifics about the product can be shared.
Цане Димитров
Waiting for an OF acc
Jan Verheyen
Jan Verheyen Dag sedan
Damn you look like Mario Bros😀
neu3 Dag sedan
Apple has more subs than youuu haaave, na na na na naa naa..
Onlyfans?? well then, this has just turned anti-child friendly
Shalaco Dag sedan
When you forget to put the link in the description…
I need your number.
Jacob Peer
Jacob Peer Dag sedan
That's awesome, do you happen to have a course for SVdown wannabees? I'd might consume it. Yum
Ontrek9 Dag sedan
you belong to Apple resistance is futile
Pintu Chintu
Pintu Chintu Dag sedan
That one plus nord 2 in his hand AT the beginning ..... Dammit
Parosh Khan
Parosh Khan Dag sedan
Where it oneplus nord 2 vid?????
Tapia Andy
Tapia Andy Dag sedan
The open peak subsequently call because country mainly need among a silky pear. gray greasy great, dry xylophone
F165 Dag sedan
I got a $675 youtube check yesterday. My highest check was $808.
WEZZY BABY Dag sedan
The answer: Varies on the SVdownr subscriber base , and amount of ads depending on the categorie of content. Also depends if the creator chooses to add in additional ads as well.
Stupid Monkey
Stupid Monkey Dag sedan
Hey ! I think we should also create a new job called "Commenter". So ... if Clorox or whatever wants me to write about them in the middle of my comments just contact me and if they have enough money to feed me we can find a good deal together. I could improve the visibility of their shi... hem... their product by over 9000% daily and I am visible by all genders, all ages (not babies because they can't read yet ! But you don't care because they can't even buy your things!), all ethnicity, all countries (except north korea and china) and seriously just give me the money and I'll write whatever you want : Blue Apron, Dollar Shave, Squarespace, you name it. Just give me all your money. Mail the money to "Stupid Monkey". Thanks. P.S : and also give me a car I can review it in the middle of my comments for free, will give you the visibility of everyone not blind. Just do it !
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Dag sedan
how to fck over a tech tuber: Change their server time back 1 hour. Breaks NDA, gets sued their pants off
Ian Visser
Ian Visser Dag sedan
The most important part that nobody seems to mention, is that SVdown is owned and ran by Google, Alphabet. Which is why ads are the main income format
Vladimir Ercevic
Sponsors! Just don’t tell anyone :)
Worldwide Hip-Hop
Q11 - Can I do bad things on SVdown & resurrect my career then maybe become a podcaster or fighter?
SpyingGecko Dag sedan
Linus even getting Marques to shoutout lttstore 😂
Loard Dank
Loard Dank Dag sedan
Why are you not covering OnePlus nords?
Estudio C2.0
Estudio C2.0 Dag sedan
I want to see the channel of the uber driver who rides a Tesla and had a rad mustache.
Jolly Palangue
Jolly Palangue Dag sedan
Need more Mustash Marquez in the show
Abhishek J.
Abhishek J. Dag sedan
You can be called as *TECH CONSULTANT*
Niko 68
Niko 68 Dag sedan
Content creator still have to explain what
Yevette Walmer
Yevette Walmer Dag sedan
The accidental jewel inversely glue because certification ontogenetically subtract underneath a equable nerve. purple, boorish glue
Saukko Dag sedan
LOL the driver's facial hair changes xD
Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh Dag sedan
Is this video sponsored by SVdown ✌🏻
Naga ME
Naga ME Dag sedan
13:51- What's that Mr.Brownlie?
XDG Dag sedan
People don't like to say 'I'm a SVdownr' in fear of what the other person might think.
Alon Lavy
Alon Lavy Dag sedan
What about the Escobar FBI story?
Jack Heimrath
Jack Heimrath Dag sedan
You think you have it bad? I'm a mathematician. At least you don't got "Gooooooood, I hated SVdown in high school"...
Teller Tales
Teller Tales Dag sedan
How much is you are earning per video? Please tell me
Nihal Najiya
Nihal Najiya Dag sedan
vincent otieno
vincent otieno Dag sedan
That intro was superb
Dear Apple.
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